AU Diary: Good Home Wanted For Free Chocobo

Dunno why, but I signed up to get that Chocobo avatar pet as part of an Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII promotion a few weeks back. I didn't really want it then, and I certainly don't now that I've got the code.

I don't even like Final Fantasy (except IV and VI), let alone those ridiculous chicken creatures. I mean, really, just look at it. What kind of crazy fool would want that?

So if you're a crazy fool, and would like to redeem a free Chocobo pet for your Xbox Live avatar, keep an eye on this post between now and - ooh, I dunno - midnight, maybe? I'll be adding the code to this post at some point this evening.

Enjoy. (Or not.)

And here's the code: FFQV8-2FJDY-9TJKM-JMX9Q-RHRVY

Remember, only one person can redeem it, so whoever enters it first will get it. If it says it's invalid, you're too late. Please post in the comments if you're the unlucky lucky winner.


    ...You think Chocobos are edible?
    I mean, what exactly do people of the Final Fantasy universe eat?

    Balamb Garden hat the hotdog canteen. And I'm pretty sure I've seen assorted fruit-looking items. But I imagine a cooked grown chocobo would be quite the feast.

    I'm not crazy-obsessed about FF or Chocobos, but hey, it's free.

    The only reason i would try and get this code is if the site played the FF victory tune when you entered the code.

    IV & VI ... even that's a stretch. I could stomach XII but even then the kooky characters got in the way.

    I'd certainly enjoy that, big FF fan here.

      I take it back, it just looks like a chicken, not a chocobo at all...

    Mmmm, can I have it? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease~ You'll make this FF fan overload with joy and asplode! :D

    I'd love it, but am still on holidays. Good luck to all who want it and can get it!

    Holy crap. I didn't even know they were giving these away!

    Who can resist a Chocobo - especially with their zany theme music :)

    Ooh! Me! Me! I want one!
    Yes, I'm crazy obsessed with Chocobos.
    Moreso with Cactuars and Tonberries though. Or maybe I'm just crazy....

    so hope i get it :D

    Don't give it to us, sell it online! We know that people are suckers for free items at high prices on Ebay

    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

    is what I'm doing.

    That's incredible. I F5'd literally seconds after it appeared, and by the time it took me to copy+paste into the Redeem Code section it was gone.


    WooHoo - Got It - THANKS !!!!!!!!

    Hadn't checked the page in 2 hours - walked past my office - refreshed - saw it and BOOM :)

    Legendary David - Cheers :)

      I am truly sorry.

        No need for the sympathy David - but you're right it does look like a chicken more than a chocobo...

        I've played them all since FFV so either way I'm glad to take your hand-me-downs...

      Damn, well done.

    Damn pplz are quick!

    Well, I tried it and it told me it was already redeemed, so someone's raced in and got it :) Ah well, would have been cute

    wasnt me who got it

    Smooth, I just saw it now.

    At the risk of sounding like a n00b. If I had been quick enough how would I have actually retrieved the code.

    I looked on the Avatar marketplace but couldn't see the Chocobo there.

    Do you have to log in via PC?

      You can select the redeem code option in the main Marketplace menu on the dashboard. But yes, it's definitely quicker on PC when you can copy-paste.

        I typed it - much quicker than copying and pasting...

    Guess this is what I get for really checking at midnight.. :(

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