AU Diary: How Cheesy Is This?

I was sent this today. It's a box of cheeseburgers. Apparently it's to promote an upcoming game. Can you guess which?

You're not getting any clues.


    Metal Gear LOLcat.

      Some sort of WiiFit Plus Plus / biggest loser sort of deal? You eat like crap, put on some tub, then you have to work it off with the game that is coming out.

      Or Masterchef.

    Burger Time Live Arcade?

    I can haz cheeseburger the game!!!!!!!!!!

    Will my dreams of a lolcat adventure finally come true?

    Meat and Cheese!

    A work colleague suggests Heavy Rain.

    I was thinking gluttony (from the image title) so Dante's Inferno

    My guess is Dante's Inferno, presumably with the burgers representing gluttony.

      Gee I wonder who's twitter you were reading...

    Dante's BBQ?

    I dunno, if we already have series' like Halo and the Lego spin-offs, surely we must have some Ronald McDonald goodness? Didn't we see him in L4D2 though?, um pls ignore this liquid lunch post!

      Please David, the suspense is killing me.

    Wow, that's kinda waste - surely you can't eat them all :/

    Can't guess the game though.

      "surely you can't eat them all"
      I smell a new competition!

      Seriously though, I hope they were at least, you know, fresh.
      I'm just imagining the box just sitting in direct sunlight waiting to be loading into the delivery van (or whatever), as a few dozen odd burgers slowly turn in this infernal heat.

    Were they edible?

    Since it says "Dante's Inferno" on the side of the box, I'd have to go with Dante's Inferno =P

      No-one else got that it was easy...

    psp fat princess?? :OO

    man, they were cold weren't they? Still, I'd eat them >.>

    Dante's Inferno...

    I'm guessing Dante's Inferno - the Gluttony angle. If so - man they are pushing that game hard. the demo reeked though.

    Err, except the filename of the image is "gluttony.jpg" so I'd have to say, with some confidence, that it's Dante's Inferno.

    Fat Princess?

    No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle?

    dante's inferno


    A i can see a little of the bottom of the box, which looks like it ends in a ----NO.


    B Greed fits into the theme of all their previous promotions for the game.

    Honda Cosplay kit for Super Street Fighter 4?

    Is it Dante's Inferno? Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins, and you can kinda make out the word 'Inferno' on the side of the box. ;)

    Gluttony from Dante's Inferno ?

    Given the file is called "gluttony" and it says "Dante's Inferno" on the side, I am going to say - Darksiders

    Dante's Inferno- Thanks to a tweet by a Mr Fish.

    You've named the pic gluttony, so it's gotta be Dante's Inferno.

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