Aussie Nintendo Store: How Quick Are You On The Draw?

What’s new this week for WiiWare, DSiWare and Virtual Console in Australia? Let’s find out from Vooks.

The merry-go-round of Nintendo downloads comes to another stop this week and lets off a measly four passengers. Yes, just four games this week, let's take a look.

Might as well start off with the best of the bunch, and that is the charming Max and the Magic Marker for 1000 Points. The game is a platformer that sees you drawing on the screen in order to make it through the levels and complete puzzles. It's more than just drawing a bridge or a ramp - you can even create cover from weather, see-saws to propel things in the air, and more. The other WiiWare title is Fast Draw Showdown, a Wii port of the arcade version. Its one of those live-action light gun games that were all the rage in the 90s. It's only 500 Points so don't expect a lot, perhaps only nostalgia.

Moving onto DSiWare now and this week there are just two more additions to the Elektroplankton fold. Trapy sees you drawing lines for your Plankton to swim on, and the angle and direction will produce a different tone. It's one of the more basic Elektroplankton instruments, perhaps why Nanocarp might take your interest. Nanocarp is based on the microphone and D-pad; different noises you make like clapping, coughing or just talking make the Plankton react in different ways. There are ten different formations you can put them in which all create different sounds. As always, the Elektroplankton titles are both 200 Points each.

Virtual Console? No, nothing this week either. But take solace in the fact that Excitebike: World Challenge seems to be dated for February 5th. Finally!

WiiWare Fast Draw Showdown (Digital Leisure - 500 points) Max and the Magic Marker (Press Play - 1000 points)

DSiWare Electroplankton Nanocarp (Nintendo - 200 points) Electroplankton Trapy (Nintendo - 200 points)

Virtual Console N/A

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    I really wanted Dark Void Zero :( Probably better than the console game :/

    I'm guessing that since Nintendo did their Connection Ambassador Program (I am number 92 in the world...yay me!!) they would be kinda reluctant to hand over more free games on the VC for SNES, N64 and NES

    Soooooo... someone ripped off Trace the iphone game? Me wants lawsuit!

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