Aussie Nintendo Store: Stress, Stunts and Shinobi

Aussie Nintendo Store: Stress, Stunts and Shinobi

The second update for 2010 is quite a varied one this time around, but not a cheap one, with most of the games a full 800 points even on DSiWare, so we hope they’re good.

Stressed? Well it’s only week two into the year, so you shouldn’t be. But you’re probably not as stressed as Jack in ‘Stop Stress: A Day of Fury’. Dubbed by the developers as ‘Office Space’ meets ‘Postal’, it’s apparently a good way to reduce stress. The game requires you to escape from the urban jungle to escape stress, but you’ll need to beat the crap out of and destroy as much as you can to get out of there. The game requires a fair amount of waggling though and is apparently only an hour long, which for the 800 points is up to you to decide if it’s worth it. The other WiiWare title looks a little like Trackmania, but not as fun. Stunt Cars, as it’s simply called, has a wonky sense of speed that never feels quite right. Again this is for 800 points and to find value in this one you’ll need to have some mates to bring over for multiplayer.

There are three DSiWare games this week so let’s start with the cheapest at a mere 200 points. Sokomania puts you in the role of a warehouse keeper, and it’s your job to push the crates around into their spots. It’s a classic game type and is presented well enough here on the DSi. The next price point is where we will find the next game. Move your Brain – Rollway Puzzle is 500 points and will have you rolling a beach ball around courses, with a few puzzles thrown in for good measure. Think Marble Madness and you’ve got a good idea. Finally, the big one from Nintendo: 800 points nets you Art Academy Second Semester. It’s four more lessons of a tool that’ll teach you about painting. You can sit down and just paint whatever you like or sit through the lessons to learn the finer points about painting. This is the second iteration of the app and has just a few more lessons and that’s it. Probably worth picking up the first one and if you really like it then this one might be for you.

What’s this? A Virtual Console game? Indeed it is, and it’s an import none the less too. Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi is the sequel to the original Shinobi and it’ll set you back 800 points.

I really hate to be that stick in the mud that brings this up every week, but Australia is again falling behind on WiiWare with several big games such as Excitebike andCastlevania ReBirth still lacking local releases.

Stop Stress: A Day of Fury (Abylight) – 800 Points
Stunt Cars (Icon Games) – 800 Points

Sokomania (CINEMAX) – 200 Points
Move your Brain – Rollway Puzzle (Assoria) – 500 Points
Art Academy Second Semester (Nintendo) – 800 Points

Virtual Console
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi (Megadrive, Sega) – 800 Points

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