Australians Spent More Money On Games In 2009 Than Ever Before

Australians Spent More Money On Games In 2009 Than Ever Before

2009 proved to be a record year for video game sales in Australia. For the first time, Australians spent more than $2 billion on games hardware, software and accessories.

According to independent market research group GfK, total revenue for the industry in 2009 was $2.05 billion – an increase of 4 per cent from 2008 when we spent (nearly) $2bn on videogames.

GfK’s data includes all sales from hardware, gaming peripherals and traditionally boxed software, yet excludes revenue generated from online retail sales, downloadable content, online games subscriptions and games delivered to mobile phones.

Breaking it down, accessories saw the biggest growth, up 31 per cent on last year. Software sales were up 6 per cent while hardware sales remained steady.

Ron Curry, CEO of the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association, says last year’s sales were healthy, especially compared to the rest of the world.

“Australia’s interactive entertainment industry continues to maintain sales despite the global economic slowdown,” he says.

Curry also noted that this year’s growth came despite the lack of the Government stimulus package the industry benefited from in 2008.

I’m curious whether anyone has calculated the amount you personally spent on games last year. Was it more than the year before? Did the “global economic slowdown” affect your games spend?


  • My prediction:

    Australians Spent More Money On Games In 2010 Than Ever Before!

    Wait for it, wait for it. I know I’ll be right on this one…

  • Mmm i reckon i purchased more in 2009 than 2008. I remember wanting a lot of games in 2008 but opted out on getting a lot. Some i still haven’t bought or even played to this day.

    But 2009 was the year where, there was probably only a few less titles i wanted compared to 2008, but the titles i did want, i wanted for a long time.

    Borderlands was something i had followed for years. ODST cause, well, it’s Halo. MW2 – enough said and then Assassin’s Creed 2 which out of all of those, had the least eagerness to play but turned out to be the greatest of them all.

    They were all bought from retailers but i also got 3 games from online. Comparing that to 2008 where i reckon i only purchased, brand new, games that had just been released, probably only 2 games through the whole year i reckon. 2010 is going to be worse though.

    I’ve already bought some cheap titles going for like $5 on online stores. This years Borderlands is Alan Wake for me. Oh add Conviction to that after all of the delays. Halo Reach and Mass Effect 2. GT5 and i *might* get God of War 3 – if so, it will be a few months after release. Fable 3 when it gets released and i want Dead Rising 2. Dead Space 2 if that gets a 2010 release date. There are more and its really depressing to know that….

  • I didn’t buy any hardware in ’09, but I sure bought alot of PS3 games. My game library went from 4 games to 16 games in ’09.

  • Interesting, considering how many people making the games in Australia suddenly found themselves out of a job in 2009…

    Was it 5 studios that closed down? And Krome, the biggest independent studio in Oz laid off 1/3 of it’s workforce…

    Obviously Australian sales have absolutely no correlation to Australian jobs.

    What a shitful situation for an industry to be in – and people like Ron Curry are cheering this?

    • Clearly, they are very different situations. The fate of Australian development isn’t tied to the sales results in a small market such as ours.

  • I work in a mjor games retailer in subrban Sydney. I must say that I felt that across the board, brick and mortar shops were quiter in 2009, suggesting that more people are buying online, for their hones and stuff and buying more DLC. It’s not like it was quiet or anything, just seemed to be quiter than 2008, some good deals and competetive pricing online in 2009. Does this include games bought on steam and the online services of the consoles? I would say they have exploded in the last 12 months.

  • on pc games this year, I’m estimating I’ve spent roughly $2200 but I don’t have an addiction to gaming.. because unlike a lot of mmorpgers out there I actually have a job so can only invest about 6-7 hours a day to my hobby 😉

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