Australia's First Video Game Bar Opening Next Month

How would you like to enjoy a few soothing ales - or even some curious blue cocktail - in a swank bar whilst playing the latest PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii games? You can do just that in Brisbane beginning in February.

That's where and when the "Mana Bar" (ho ho ho) opens, the first dedicated video game bar in Australia.

The Mana Bar is the creation of Guy "Yug" Blomberg and Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw from Australian Gamer and Zero Punctuation, along with friends Pras Moorthy and Shay Leighton, pictured below.

In addition to letting you play games while you drink, the venue will also cater for special events including game launch parties, games trivia nights hosted by Yahtzee, developer sessions and Q&As, as well as multiplayer gaming tournaments.

Kotaku will be heading up to Brisbane for the launch. Might see you there.

The Mana Bar [site]


    Sounds fun. Didn't know Yahtzee was helping to run this joint - that just makes it even better!
    Pity that I live in Perth, then.

      Yeah. Pft, Brisbane.
      Though I lost all respect for Yahtzee after his Demon's Souls review, where he basically said that he gave up after dying too much before even beating the second stage and said the game was too hard.

        I would have thought 'too hard' is a valid criticism?

    Far out this would be awesome..might have to make a trip to Brisbane just for this :P

    im feeling a coffs > brisbane road trip inc

    I can't wait for this place to open. I have a feeling that it will do very well in this town

    I'll stop by next time i go up there

    Tell me it's not 18+ :(

      you serious? its serving alcohol.. its a bar.. that is the point..

      If you are under 18, as long as you are accompanied by a responsible adult (parent or guardian and NOT sibling or mates) and do not approach the bar itself or consume alcohol then all is OK.

      Of course, it is a licenced premesis - they can refuse you entry altogether should they choose to make that the rules...

        In QLD (and most of the country), you aren't allowed inside a licensed venue under the age of 18 that doesn't have a restaurant service. It's why you can have a pub meal with your family but not hang out with your older brother at a nightclub.

    Does this mean no more deck parties at Yug's?!

    Hard to imagine Yahtzee voluntarily being around gamers but this looks like a really good idea. I hope it takes off for them.

    Looking forward to having a cool place to go in Brisbane where I might feel at home.

    Hah, I was just telling my wife she should open a bar in Adelaide like this, though I'm not sure the market is big enough here. I hope it goes well so we get more of them about :)

    I smell a Brissy Kotaku meetup!

      Kotaku represent!

    Can you imagine the fistycuffs when intoxicated gamer nerds start fighting over who has the biggest epeen?

    crazy idea, good luck to them .... ! are the controllers shrink-wrapped in plastic ?

    My goodness. you have to be kidding. It would be interesting to see how many females actually grace this joint. Don't get me wrong, hats off to you lads, I just prefer the meat markets I normally grace my presence with to have less sausage. i.e. city rowers. bless the memories...

    Good luck guys... not sure how many industry types would actually use this joint for launches or meetings...

    xoxo Atomiswave!

      A lot more than you would think, I'd be willing to bet. Also; city rowers? Ew.

    this is so lame. as if you nerds will socialize

      Really man?

      Yeah! All YOU NERDS with your Kotaku accounts, commenting on posts! NERDS!

      On the flip side, I remember Yug giving a talk to some QUT IT04 students earlier last year and discussing this. Congratulations to him, and good luck with the endeavour. Shame I don't drink, this seems like it could be a swanky hangout, provided they put rules down about how frequently you have to shower to gain entry. Nothing worse than the smell of nerd sweat to ruin the illusion of decency.

    EFF YEAH!!! Gonna be a good time...

    I wonder if they'll serve some of those delicious Ubisoft themed cocktails that were at the ACII thing last year. Damn if they weren't delicious.

    Not sure why Yahtzee would continually be seen anywhere near the Australian "We-wish-we-were-PA" Gamer guys...

    Mr. Croshaw you are leagues ahead of those guys.

    I really hope I have a business trip to Brisbane sometime soon. :P

    I'm curious to see how it all works... Like what stops people from spilling drinks on controllers?

      Yahtzee's permanent scowl?

      Eeeew... I just cringed at the thought of mates doing that to my controllers at home...

    oh that is SO awsome! new destination next time i hit up brisbane and the gold coast :D

    "Australia's First Video Game Bar Opening Next Month."


    > Obligatory positive words of encouragement
    > Obligatory negative words of disapproval
    > Snide remark
    > OMG YAHTZEE!!1111


    ...Obligatory positive words of encouragement...

    ...Seriously, good luck to all involved with this, it sounds very cool.

    Interesting. Not something i would go to Brisbane for as one comment said. But i guess its something new and catering to a set of people.

    But way cheaper to have a drunken night with mates thrashing the 360 or PS3. And you will get to play the games you want.

    haha 'gamers'

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