Bach Explains To-Be-Announced Xbox Game Room

In case we needed further proof of the Xbox Game Room concept, here's Microsoft's Robbie Back explaining exactly what it is, complete with Journey reference.


    So, it's pretty much a stripped back version of Home?

      But still better. =)

        Almost everything is better than HOME

          Oh come on, nothing beats Home for extended load times and general pointlessness! It's a work of frustratingly long art.

          Shame really, looked like it had potential but they just seem to be wasting it

      Microsoft: "Holy crap! Did you guys just see what numbers Sony did with Home?"
      "Thats like, more money guys!"

      "Right, lets do this."

        Microsoft copied Miis with the Avatars, and they turned out superior.

        Therefore, Microsoft will copy Home, and produce a superior product.

          Not true - the Miis are more customisable even if the avatars do look better. Which is superior: Bugs Bunny, Buzz Lightyear and Nathan Drake?

        WOW u make such a great point. I totally forgot how these companies like Microsoft and Sony and Nintendo aren't in this business for money - but for the fun of it.

    Yeah i can actually see this being pretty enjoyable. MS are good at learning from other companies mistakes.

    Home could have been so much more, but with the stupid loads and crazy prices it will never really take off

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