Bargain Hunter: You’ll Be Pleased To Meet This Batman Deal

Bargain Hunter: You’ll Be Pleased To Meet This Batman Deal

If you hurry, you can pick up Batman: Arkham Asylum at Big W for just a smidgeon over 50 bucks.

That’s the 360 version.

Also going for $53 right now are Ashes Cricket 2009, Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition and DiRT 2, all on Xbox 360.

On the PS3 front, Platinum range titles including Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet are just $35.

Catalogue ends Wednesday.


    • seriously. get on steam if you haven’t. there’s some absolutely insane bargains during the holiday sale, which is over in a few hours

      • OMG yes i have broght sooo much over the sales…

        C&C 3
        C&C 3 Kanes Wrath
        Red Alert 3
        Red Alert 3 Rising sun (exp what ever it is)
        = $35 USD

        I have brought so many games its insane 🙂 i think $200 USD and i have gotten about 50-100 games out of it 🙂

        Most of them really good packs as well 🙂

        Now the effort of downloading them all 🙁 lol

  • Wait, Fallout 3 GOTY edition? Superb price that considering the DLCs are 4000 ($66) MS points. Beats the pants off Game ($84) and JB’s ($93) online prices.

  • Fallout 3 GOTY edition has been quite cheap actually. Especially when comparing it to the Oblivion GOTY which didn’t see a price drop in over a year and is still quite expensive to this day in stores like JB and EB.

    I got my Fallout GOTY for i THINK $58 can’t quite remember and that was at launch. I bought it from CD WOW and only just realized i got the un-censored version too.

    Some stores like Big W have had it randomly for around $60 but for ANY person remotely interested in the game and haven’t got it, GET THIS! YOu will seriously regret it, even if you don’t play it for a few more months.

    • Not to be offensive but what are you talking about ‘uncensored version’? The only thing ‘censored’ was everybody worldwide (they changed the master copy) had Morpheine changed to Med X. That’s it. Nothing else.

  • I think I’d like it if kotaku had a regular segment where people can spam specials on games, like where, what, how much.

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