Battlefield: Bad Company 2's New Trailer Ain't Worth A Dollar...

... but it feels like a millionaire. First Clutch in a trailer, now Nick Oliveri-era Queens of the Stone Age... you certainly know the way to my heart, Electronic Arts. Or at least, the people making your cinematic trailers do.


    Epic. Can't wait.

    If this game rocks as hard as Nick Oliveri era QOTSA, then it will be awesome. Fingers crossed it isn't as crap as post Nick Oliveri QOTSA. Cause everyone knows how bad that is.

    What I really want to know is, will there be local servers for PS3 and 360?? I liked the first game, but the online suffered a lot due to lag.

    This works beautifully, but the Clutch + L4D2 is even better.

    That is a really good trailer.

    But MW2's was better.

    I'll still buy BC2 where I didn't buy MW2.

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