Bayonetta, Madworld Makers Start Countdown To What's Next

Now that Sega has shipped Platinum Games' infinite climax action game Bayonetta to stores, the third release from the developer after Madworld and Infinite Space, what's next for the developer? Countdown clock teasers!

The Platinum Games official website is now putting CPUs through their paces with a lovely looking teaser for... something. Something Platinum Games-made, something that will be revealed... soon? If we're reading the clock's ticker right, it should mean a zero hour sometime later this week.

Will it be Platinum Games member Shinji Mikami's next game? A sequel to one of the developer's already established properties? Or will my longshot guess that Platinum will be handling the port of After Burner Climax be more than just a wild guess?

We'll probably know more later this week, as early as tomorrow if reliable Famitsu leaks feature anything Platinum Games related. You're best guesses and wishes are welcome in the comments.


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