Bethesda Once Pitched Singleplayer Star Trek RPG

Bethesda Once Pitched Singleplayer Star Trek RPG

Before making Fallout 3, Todd Howard and Bethesda Softworks pitched a sprawling single-player RPG set in the Star Trek universe – of the Shatner Capt. Kirk era, Howard told Kotaku Talk Radio.

Appearing on our call-in show earlier today, Howard said at one point Bethesda did have the rights to Star Trek games, acquiring them after Activision’s licence expired and some of its projects transferred to the Maryland-based studio. (One it published was Star Trek Legacy on the Xbox 360 and PC, developed by Mad Doc Software.)

“Nothing was developed internally,” Howard told KTR. “There was a pitch to do a big Star Trek RPG. [But]we were doing other things, we made Fallout. We can’t do everything.”

Asked by Kotaku columnist Tim Rogers in what era this RPG would have been set, Rogers replied “We were pondering Classic.” And Shatner “did voice acting in one of the games we had,” so if the project went forward, his … distinctive cadence and … inflection …. likely would … have been used.

“I agree, I want the big Star Trek RPG that you go out and explore the universe,” Howard said, acknowledging that Atari’s upcoming Star Trek Online fits the bill, too.

Don’t take our word for it; you can download the entire podcast, from iTunes or Blog Talk Radio. The relevant portion begins at 1:00:35.


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