BioShock 2 Score Will Be Available Digitally

Garry Schyman, who composed the award-winning score for the first BioShock, returns to duty in BioShock 2, and word is that you won't need to buy the special edition just to get your hands on the soundtrack.

Citing "a recent conversation with Schyman," says the Bioshock 2 album will be sold via iTunes and Amazon, but a CD release is not planned. The special edition will include the soundtrack on a separate CD (in addition to a vinyl release of the original album.)

In a recent interview with GamePro, Jordan Thomas, the game's creative director, described what we can expect in the game's music.

The score is done by Garry Schyman, who did the music for the original BioShock and is returning with all new material. Some of the licensed tunes on the multiplayer side come from the first BioShock because we wanted to correspond as much as possible with that feel. You get a bit more of a religious vibe in BioShock 2 because even though religion was outlawed, the story takes you to all the places Andrew Ryan wasn't aware of. So you'll hear certain songs that would have been banned in Rapture proper.

BioShock 2 Score by Garry Schyman to See Digital Release [, thanks Tyler]


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