BioShock 2's 'Scout' Plasmid, Explained

Though MAG and Mass Effect 2 dropped today, it's still t-minus 2 weeks to BioShock 2's release, and 2K wants you to watch this teaser trailer in anticipation of the plasmid powers awaiting you.

In "Scout" mode, you release your astral form (I guess) to examine what dangers lie ahead - but it's not just a passive observation. Plasmid powers are still usable. Just not guns.

BioShock 2's out Feb. 9

BioShock 2's Scout Plasmid Detailed [Blue's News]


    "Though MAG and Mass Effect 2 dropped today"
    did mass effect get released early??

      It was released on Jan 26 in the US. (Also, it's already out here after retail broke the street date.)

        which retail ill need to check my EB games for my preorder

          I just went to JB today to see if theyd give it out but no hope (N)

            yeah i went this morning to get it but had to preorder it >_<

    Wish they did break street date- my eb is holding firm still until tomorrow :(

    So its like the distraction technique in the first game only you fully control it and can use plasmids, that sounds pretty cool!

    eb's website says it's new and in stock...

      no joy just tried EB they wont budge

    I pre-ordered from EB and got mine in the mail today.

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