BioWare: There Will Be More Mass Effect After Trilogy Ends

Greg Zeschuk, co-founder of Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer BioWare, says that the sci-fi franchise will live on in other games after the role-playing game trilogy wraps up in Mass Effect 3.

Zeschuk said during today's episode of Kotaku Talk Radio that the Mass Effect property is a "valuable universe", that the end of the futuristic trilogy does not necessarily suggest an endpoint for the series.

"We're actually going to continue to use it for stuff and we're going to continue to make games there," Zeschuk said. "Believe me, we have our work cut out for us for the next little while getting Mass Effect 3 done after this. Don't worry if you love Mass Effect, there will be more Mass Effect in the future."

Zeschuk neither confirmed nor denied co-host Stephen Totilo's suggestion for a Mass Effect themed kart racing, but implied that, if one were to happen, it would absolutely feature a big head mode.

As for what will happen in Mass Effect 3, Zeschuk didn't elaborate, only saying that the third game in the series is currently in the planning stages and that it will feature the same persistent game save system featured in Mass Effect 2.

"I think we can actually extend that quite effectively to [Mass Effect 3] , the key thing being that that save game concept will work in 3 as well where we can take the save games from one to two, two to three," Zeschuk said in response to a Kotaku Talk Radio caller.

"Even to the point where some of the decisions you made in 1 you'll see the result in 3," he continued. "It's actually interestingly impactful in that folks who have stuck with the franchise the entire time, there will be stuff that you will feel is yours that you've created in that third iteration."

As for the soon to be released Mass Effect 2, "it's definitely bigger than [the first Mass Effect] , probably about one and a half times [the length] , maybe a little more" Zeschuk said. In addition to being Emotionally Engaging, "There's a lot more you can do, a lot more you should do."

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Kotaku Talk Radio – PODCAST – Greg Zeschuk – Episode 2 [Chat About It]


    Mass Effect 3: Conrad's Revenge.

    I hope the moving on from Mass Effect 1-3 extends to other formats. A Mass Effect movie has the potential to revive my love of sci-fi, but only if it doesn't use the plot of the game(s). I mean I loved the plot from the first game but there's no way to get that onto the big screen without butchering it. Plus with a universe this size there's no reason to re-tell a story.

      Your opinion is the exact reason why video games should not be made into films.

      End of rant.

        Wait. Are you saying you'd rather a cheap attempt at re-telling the story from the video games, or you'd rather no video game movies at all?

        For the first, you couldn't fit anywhere near enough of the story in without re-writing it and removing massive chunks. Sheppard's story isn't the only interesting thing happening in that universe so why waste everybody's time doing a crappy job of re-telling it?
        Frankly even if they somehow managed to pull it off it wouldn't be very good (its a game story, not a movie story).

        As for making no movies at all that's just a waste. They wrote some kickass Mass Effect books, so why couldn't the right people get together and make a kickass movie set in the Mass Effect extended universe?
        Sure, they might screw it up, but what's so bad about that? Worst case scenario is I waste $15, walk out early and continue waiting for the next game. Even with all the terrible game movies out there I'm struggling to come up with a single example of one having a negative effect on the game itself.

    And hey, if microsoft can milk Halo and Square Enix can milk Final Fantasy... we can milk Mass Effect.*

    *I'm a Halo and Mass Effect fan so I'm all for more games.

      i spose these 3 will be the shepard saga or something and thered be a time difference and a charictor change between story groupings

        It makes sense. By game four the plot choices in 1-3 would either have no impact or change the entire game. They wont be able to write for Sheppard because the user input would have made his character too complex.
        What I'm guessing will happen is this trilogy will be the 360/PS3 trilogy and they'll start fresh with the next generation. Which is a shame. I'd love to see my Sheppard make a cameo and get a few bonus items for beating the first trilogy, but odds are there wont be a way to get my save data onto the new console.

          You can get it onto a new console the same way say the Dragon Armour goes from DA:O to ME2 (even across platforms). Via your Bioware account.

    Mass Effect is a universe that can easily expand beyond the trilogy they have planned for it. Like how Star Wars easily spawned hundreds more stories and games from its trilogy, Mass Effect has created a plot universe original and expansive enough to allow development in the future.

    A small game where you're a Krogan in the Rachni Wars.

    A large game where you defend Shanxi from Turian invaders as Ashley Williams' grandfather.

    It's really easy to build a new story arc from the volumes of backstory mass effect 1 created. God knows what ME2 will add to it.

    i hope its a little less 'Americans in Space'.

    I know its a stupid thing to ask but it becomes a little bothersome after a while.

      Yea that's true. I love mass effect, but we need something other than another American type being a lead. I would love to see a Jamaican Shephard. Who's with me?

        The Jamaicans are with you? I would...not be.

        Nothing against Jamaicans, I just wouldn't be able to take it seriously. At every turn I'd be expecting a "Sanka! ya dead?" "Yeah man" from Cool Runnings.

        I don't actually find the american accent bad. I mean, let's get it straight. If we find a mass relay tomorrow, the first soliders up there will still be americans. Besides, they've thrown a bit more culture in the voice casting this time.

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