Bleszinski Explains How Gears Of War Ended Up In Lost Planet 2

Gears of War protagonists Marcus and Dom are appearing in the Xbox 360 version of Lost Planet 2. Gears of War is developed by American studio Epic, while Lost Planet is from Japan's Capcom. How did this crossover happen?

Capcom contacted Epic. It seems that it's as simple as that. "They [Capcom]contacted us about the cameo and we said 'heck yeah,'" Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski tells Kotaku. "We're mutual fans of each other's work and crossovers are darned cool so we sent over the Marcus and Dom models for implementation."

For Lost Planet 2, Capcom is working from Epic's original Marcus and Dom character models, but that does not necessarily mean it is working from Epic's Gears of War controller layout.

"I can't speak about the controls for LP2," Bleszinski adds. "Anything else about how it's accessed or used in game remains to be revealed. I'll leave that to Capcom's capable hands."


    I've been told that Lost Planet is essentially Gear in snow anyway...

      Not quite, its a third person shooter but it doesn't have cover and theirs a graple and jump button. Also mechs and giant bugs.


    What a great surprise this COULD have been for the GOW fans..

      Wait were you really thinking of keeping a secret on the Internets?
      I really need to get around to completing Lost Planet, however...

    i think this is silly. they are both from completely different game worlds.

    all i can say is wtf.

      Cheap sales ploy, especially if there is mention of it on the box art...imagine the type of gamer who only plays things like GOW and COD (because his friends told him to) decides to go buy a new game and sees LP2 with GOW chars on the cover, without any knowledge of the game he thinks "cool, those dudes are in it, must be good" assumes it has some relevance to GOW and purchases it...these uninformed impulse buyers are out there and Capcom wants their money!

        Making games is a business, and designed to make a product and make a profit. Promotions and publicity are tools used to help ensure a profit.

        Cameos and walk-ons have been part of computer game culture for a very long time, and some have become key products, like Marvel vs Capcom.

        If you like the game buy it. If a consumer walks into a retail outlet and purchases a product based on box art, does that really matter if that product was a DVD, a game or an electric beater?

        If Cliffy B. has given this venture his support, why would he not get support from his fans?

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