Borderlands Level Cap Raise Confirmed By Gearbox

About an hour ago, a Gearbox designer popped into the studio's official forums to confirm that Borderlands' level cap will be raised in the next DLC offering, which is "the biggest DLC we have made".

"Hopefully we can get a full announcement out to you guys soon," said Jason Reiss, a level designer. He also alluded to an update "that solves a bunch of issues" presently in the works.

Mikey Neumann, the Gearbox creative director, tweaked his colleague over Twitter about the reveal, then decided "I'ma leak something too then: More Scooter!" He's the foul-mouthed mechanic in New Haven (pictured at right) who always has a "little-somethin' somethin' for you to do", such as shooting away giant crap blockages from the sewer pipes in the Rust Commons.

Guess What!! [Gearbox Forums]


    I hope they raise it a lot. I have no motivation to do The Underdome at level 50.


    As long as they say more Scooter, I am sold.

      Man I love Scooter.
      Especially the way he says "C'mon catcha Riiiiiiiide!"
      And his other lines. But mainly that one.
      Just strikes me as enormously hilarious for some reason.

    Damn them! Now i will have to purchase the DLC. I was waiting for some re-release with them all in one.

    Btw, i wished that character died in the game aswell. I laughed so hard when i saw the blind skinny red-neck dead in his house and i wanted him to die also. His voice drove me nuts, especially when his mouth didn't move when he spoke.

    I think its kinda cheap that they make you pay for it.

      Ironic comment is ironic.

    I want to go to there!

    I just hope they solve what happened to T.K Baha...

      He's a zombie

    I'm willing to bet that they chuck a regional pricing bullshit on us Aussies for it.

      What you mean how we get charged $12.99 USD on Steam because they don't understand Steam prices are USD and not AUD and they jacked up the price to $79.99 USD for the game when they stated they wanted it at $79.99 AUD.

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