Boston School Training The Next Video Game Composers

Boston School Training The Next Video Game Composers

Composers working on video game soundtracks seem to either be veterans of game-making or TV/movie composers crashing the medium. Take note, then, of schools like Berklee Music College in Boston that just might train people to compose music for games.

The Boston Globe reports:

Berklee is offering five classes this semester in video game audio or game scoring. Sweet says his typical student is not only knowledgeable about state-of-the-art video games like Modern Warfare and BioShock but also has classroom experience in disciplines like sound production, voice acting, music technology, and film scoring.

Versatility and familiarity are important. In writing for games, composers must anticipate and create cues for the various layers and levels a player passes through. Story lines and scenes change rapidly and unpredictably. As technology improves and memory space expands, moreover, these games have grown more sophisticated, visually and sonically. Players’ expectations rise accordingly, creating a demand for such elements as a full orchestral score.

If you’re out there taking classes in video game scoring, let us know how it’s going.

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