Boy: Playing Xbox Will Get Me A "Nowhere Job"

An ex-NBA star recently asked a group of children where playing Xbox will get them. He was promoting fitness, so he probably expected a negative answer. And he got one.

Here's the Deseret News reporting on the noble effort of former Utah Jazz player Mark Eaton promoting fitness through an National Basketball Association program called NBA Fit:

Eaton asked the group where playing Xbox would take them in their lives. One young boy replied, "A minimum-wage nowhere job." Eaton laughed and told the boys and girls to envision where they wanted to go in their lives.

"Start thinking about what you're going to be great at, because that's the only way to get there," he said. "You have to be the one in charge of that change."

Compare that to last week's talk here at Kotaku about what parents hope kids can get from gaming. All in moderation, right?

Best of luck to those who have found a way to get work by playing Xbox. May your wages not be minimum.

Ex-Jazz star Mark Eaton helps kids with fitness [Deseret News]


    What a foolio! Stupid Mark Eaton. I love simple minded sports stars who think that being a professional 'knobhead' is the way for all kids to be.

    Hail to those godly people earning 6 figures designing, playing and developing games for the xbox... after all, it is only a multi billion dollar industry.

    Stupid Mark Eaton.

    Yeah, because everyone who plays sports ends up a millionaire!

    Because you know kids, everyone who plays sport in highschool goes on to have a professional sporting career that lasts them until retirement. Throw out your books, throw out your comics, throw out your paintings, throw out your TV (unless it's permanently on ESPN).

    I absolutely encourage physical fitness, but I encourage total fitness, and part of that is being able to unwind in a safe way. And playing a bit of XBox after work is a healthier way to unwind than going for drinks or other less savoury practices.

    As the article says, everything in moderation.

    yeah guys... let's bash the guy for attempting to provide public service...

      Mr Eaton trolled us first.

    Playing xbox will lead to suicidal tendencies when it finally RROD's after overuse

    "godly people earning 6 figures designing, playing and developing games for the xbox"

    and who are they then?

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