Brian And Mike... In 3D!!! (Glasses)

It's official: 3D is coming and you just can't stop it. And better still, the headache-producing technology is bringing with it an array of gaudy and ill-fitting glasses.

We spent the show playing games, watching TV and even checking out porn in 3D so you didn't have to and we can confirm that none of the glasses were the sorts of things we would either want to wear or forget we were wearing.

Here's a fun little bonus game for you: Figure out which picture shows one of us looking at third-dimension nudity.


    #4 & #7?

    I'd have to guess bottom left image. But then I don't really think you wanted us to actually try and guess.

    The glasses seem to be quite a hindrance to me - hopefully the results to come will make it worthwhile :)

    Top right or bottom left is teh pronz

    4th down right column is teh Gay Pronz!

    4th from the top, left hand side. cause there are bra's in the background.

      as well as sexylady wristband

    First pic ->

    Looking at porn in all of them :O

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