Bring Forth Your Darksiders Comic Apocalypse

Yeah, let's go nuts with this. This post contains every single comic you guys sent us to try to win your own Darksiders Chaoseater sword and a PlayStation 3 console.

We asked you to design a three-panel comic strip. It had to feature the Chaoseater, War's almighty sword, and reference the Apocalypse.

In the gallery below you'll find all the comics we received - good, bad and frankly ridiculous. If you've been following the comp, the new ones are at the bottom. Click the thumbs to enlarge.

And stay tuned for the announcement of the very lucky winner.

UPDATE: Oh, and I've just heard from THQ that none other than Darksiders creator and comic art legend Joe Madureira will be judging your entries and choosing the winner. He may even be looking at this post right now.


    Are all the comics up on this page? I can't see mine... =(


        If we're getting really picky, my sister's one didn't make it up either :P

          Also, fixed!

            Mine isn't up there either. :(


              I've triple checked, and I've got you all up there now. Will announce Joe's winner(s) tomorrow.

                Glee! Thank you!

                I think I might already be out of the running, so good luck to everyone. :)


                Multiple Winners Confirmed! :D

                / runs...

                  Did I say that...?

                  Well there is the sword AND the PS3. :P

    I think is my favourite, although gets a laugh from me every time (which you may not if you don't get the meme/joke). is also rather amusing..

    Good luck to all - some damned awesome entries there (validates my decision not to enter, that's for sure. Unless there was a "most horrible" prize that is).

    WOW... that last one might get me fired! lol

    Besides my own... :p I vote for Alvin N to win! :D

    Hi Joe! :)

    HOLY CRAP JOE MAD! is judging!! *faints*

      my hero is judging our entries...*2nd faint*

      that. is. awesome.

      It would be awesome if he were to comment on each of the entries, what he like or disliked about each one.

        yeah i agree that would be awesome!!!, getting advice from a legend like him.

    I'm so excited i can't get any work done.

    so many good entries!

    I suppose the only problem with this comp is how are you going to trump it? You've given a great competition with a well known and respected artist as judge, right at the start of the year.

    How do you beat that?

      well.... -spoiler alert-

      next month will allow you to win a fully funtioning abrams tank with PS3 inside and sony LCD tv...

      ...and it'll be judged by Christ Allmighty

    Damn. I was totally gonna enter this, but then I got struck by an unfortunate case of laziness...

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