But Is Infinity Ward Doing Modern Warfare 3?

With two games, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and its sequel, Infinity Ward brought shooters out of the World War II ghetto and into the modern era. rumours are swirling that the developer won't be developing the inevitable third MW.

Each year, publisher Activision releases Call of Duty games like clockwork. Set during World War II, the first Call of Duty title was developed by Activision subsidiary Infinity Ward. The second title was also developed by Infinity Ward, but Activision brought on another Activision subsidiary, Treyarch, to develop the third entry in the series.

For the fourth title, Infinity Ward threw a curveball with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, a modern take on the war shooter, complete with fancy modern military tech like night vision. (Treyarch, in the meantime, churned out another WWII shooter — though, is currently rumored to be working on a shooter set during the Vietnam War.) The sequel, Modern Warfare 2, was a smash hit, selling 4.7 copies globally in its first 24 hours. The game earned $US550 worldwide in its first five days. The end of the game leaves the door wide open for a sequel.

Just as Infinity Ward is basking in the success of Modern Warfare 2 and readying downloadable content comes a handful of rumours that the developer will not be working on the next Modern Warfare game. Insiders told website VG247 that Infinity Ward is not developing Modern Warfare 3 and is instead working on a "completely new" title.

Modern Warfare 3, however, has not officially been announced.

This does seem to correspond with what Kotaku posted back in July 2008 when the company announced it had been given the chance to create a "unique new IP by Infinity Ward, that we'll have complete control over". The Infinity Ward source page with this announcement has since been erased. It is important to note that Infinity Ward considers Modern Warfare to be a new IP.

According to VG247, "It's unclear where the third game will be made if IW really has gone AWOL from the series. We were told by one dev source that a Canadian studio was handling it, but another pointed to newly-formed Sledgehammer Games, headed by ex-Visceral bosses Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey." All of this info sound rather vague — it could be this or that. This might because, if true, the future of the series has not yet been ironed out.

Another rumor that game site Destructoid is running is that Infinity War is actually developing a new MMO — citing sources saying that Infinity Ward is hiring people from Sony Online Entertainment, one of which may be the lead designer of EverQuest II. Blizzard employees are also apparently involved.

Last fall, Infinity Ward stated that it would do something other than Call of Duty one day. "When we feel like we can't innovate any further in the Call of Duty franchise, then we'll do something else." But is that something else a massively multiplayer online game?

And would Activision, not known as the most charitable of companies, allow its Infinity Ward subsidiary do something other than Modern Warfare? Especially considering how much money the developer has made for the company? But perhaps Acitivision thinks that the Modern Warfare brand is so strong that it doesn't need Infinity Ward or that Infinity Ward's talents can be expanded to an entirely new title or franchise.

Kotaku reached out to Activision, but did not receive a comment before this article's publication.


    wow, sold 4.7 copies in the first 24 hours, and then went on to make 550 million in the next 5 days? how much were they charging a copy.

    $US550 worldwide
    selling 4.7 copies

    missing million?

    thanks for the news!

      I'm pretty sure the 4.7 million figure related to just sales in the US and UK, which would account for the discrepancy.

    Well World at War stands pretty high and being made by Treyarch. I would say its better than MW2 in some ways and same with COD4.

    Then again i like what Treyarch are doing and sticking with WWII and those types.

    But remember when Infinity said MW2 was its OWN game. So when they say IW are working on a completely new title, it could most definitely be MW3 - cause their stupid like that.

    MW2 IS a sequel. Not a new title itself. It had some of the same characters as COD4. It plays the same way. IT IS A SEQUEL! Therefore, they;re probably working on MW3.

      Completely agree with that, I have found that I prefer the multiplayer options in World At War compared to Modern Warfare 2.

      You have tha ability to play the campaign with upto 4 players and play for points and they give you the Nazi Zmobies Survival also.

      Spec Ops does have some nice missions, but seriously it's as if they went backwards in the co-operative standpoint.

      On the subject of the story, one quote springs to mind there...

      "When we feel like we can’t innovate any further in the Call of Duty franchise, then we’ll do something else."

      That's a big point I feel and if you take the multiplayer side of things, then alot of all they did was simply play around with the perk system and 'create' IWnet.

      IWnet could be argued as something that hasn't exactly worked as well as they had hoped. They also optimized the online games to lower game numbers.

      Now all jokes aside about whether it's a clusterfuck or not, or if people aren't all that enthusiastic about the game, but seriously has MAG scared them?

      Currently, I'm enjoying this more than MW2. Zipper is already halfway there in pulling off it off though, the controls work well and have a skill tree. It will simply be the server load and lag issues that could really kill it. If it succeeds reasonably well, then from a technical and innovative standpoint it must be considered in future benchmarking for other devs.

      So maybe IW will be looking into a FPS MMO type game, to innovate the ideas that MAG has brought to the table.

    I'm hoping IW stick to Modern Warfare for now... and hopefully we'll get A LOT of map packs for MW2... I'm going to be extremely disappointed if MW3 comes out next year and it's by Treyarch... it has to be Infinity Ward and they need two years for Modern Warfare... I still feel like I haven't even scratched the surface of MW2's multiplayer, hell I didn't even feel finished with CoD4... IW also better not be working on something completely different, either... they are the current masters of FPS.

    Also, to all those who resent Treyarch, IMO they're an extremely underrated and talented developer... but they're absolutely restricted by Activision to a point where they have virtually no creative freedom. World at War was a good, but very uninspired game, if they were to go to Vietnam... it gives me goosebumps at the awesome stuff they could do... it's such an unexploited conflict in terms of video games, someone just needs to do it right.

    with all new IWnoNet
    its the experience of multilayer without the people!

    If Modern Warfare 3 turns out to be just MW2 with dedicated servers and lean I'd be more than happy.

      Well MW2 is exactly like COD4 just without dedicated servers and they changed the perks.

      So your chances are 50/50. But you'll definitely get the whole, "same as MW2" part.

      they will decide after BC2 comes out and gauge on the success of that one. if it is successful they will copy some aspects without a doubt because they know they will get people back to their franchise if they remove the BC2 advantage. they are still in a great position from a console franchise point of view and basic common sense. i don't see MoH a threat though.

      they cannot get away with another rehash. i have already shelved MW2 and i am not a particularly neat person.

    Id be happy if Treyarch made Call of Duty Vietnam. I doubt they would make MW3 but even if they did, at least it would make sense unlike Mw2's story...

    i think these people commenting bad about mw2 should shut their mouth because they need to stop thinking back in ww2..... it is 2010 people mw2 is the best game ever!!!!!!

    Hey MoH is Gonna be awesome

    With how shafted Pc players feel with no dedicated servers and practically everything IW said wouldn't ever happen (hacking, lagger servers, skill disparity) coming true, MW3 had better be crafted from solid gold and blessed by Jesus himself if they want to make even a fraction of the sales that MW2 did on false promises.

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