But What Does Modern Warfare 2 Timed Exclusive DLC Mean?

At last year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles, Microsoft announced that the first two downloadable maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are timed Xbox 360 exclusives. Timed? How long is that?

"We have a 30-day timed exclusive on the Modern Warfare content packs," a spokesperson told website Eurogamer. "So it will be available on other platforms, but you get to try and play on Xbox 360 first."

The DLC is expected this spring autumn on Xbox 360, and then 30 days later it should be available on the PS3 and PC.

Microsoft clarifies Mod War 2 DLC deal [Eurogamer via Kombo]


    post here if your PC version of the game frequently crashes .. times out of servers or just in general gives you a vaguely crap overall experience.

      Personally I've found the PC version to be fairly rock solid. I could count on one hand the amount of times a server timed out, but thats the only real annoyance I've had.

      Cannot say for myself, (I chose to boycott the game and actually stuck by my word), but a good friend on mine can no longer connect to any multiplayer game at all. He's reformatted, bought an entire new router, still nothing. He's convinced it's their error, not his.

      Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a 'customer support' section of Infinity Ward...

        a "good friend" of yours, cause you stuck to your word. good job

        go pretend boycott something else

        Ugh.I should have seen this coming.
        Yes, I didn't buy MW2, instead I spent my money
        preordering BC2 because honestly I really do prefer the Battlefield series.

      Sometimes get a bad host and usually boot them and we get to play on, other times disconnected from host raging and had to look for a new game. Could be better or could be worse, Somewhere in the middle of bleh "I'll play it anyway".

      Interesting thing. Both myself and brother have Modern Warfare 2, I on PC and he on 360. We both use the same router which connects us to the Internet.
      On any day, at any time, I can connect to a team deathmatch server in under 15 seconds. He'll spend up to 15 minutes waiting to connect to a lobby.

      My pc version of the game frequently times out of servers or tells me game lobbys have closed when i know they havent. Wouldnt mind the new system so much if they actually provided proper bug fixes for these things.

      Yeah I get a lot of timeouts, lobby closing and general online fail.

      Compared to the great online experience i had with MW1 it's a joke.

      Having said that, I can join games far quicker than my mates who have it on ps3.

    I won't be investing thats for sure. I haven't touched multiplayer since the first week of launch. Besides, i'll wait 12 months and if i want to buy, i'll get it when they release them all together at a cheap price like World at War.

    But they probably won't do that after all the other crap they're doing to this game.

    I wonder if PC players have to pay??

    your very lucky Nathan Bennell .. my game crashes to desktop .... (if I am lucky ...) the other crash I frequent is after about 3 games (30 mins of play?) ... the game will load stupidly fast then ... hang .. flicker black and my graphics card crashes ... (the only game I have experienced this with ... requires hard-reset to get out of it .. ctrl alt delete occasionally will end the process but if not .. its going to hard lock :(!

    5 new maps in total and there 4 MW maps (shipment, overgrown, crash and vacant) as well for a classic map pack i suppose, 30 days really isnt anything since march is busy for ps3 owners with God of war III and final fantasy XIII

    My multiplayer experiance works only 57% of the time featuring disconnects mainly as the failure and excessively long reloads/waiting times as well.

    I know this because every time it stuffs up I make a tally mark on my mousepad when I play and one for whenever it stuffs up.

    It would appear that they designed this multiplayer system considering only the US which has pretty much the best internet connections available and so can support a system like this better which is unfortunate for the rest of the plannet - a myopic design stratergy which sadly is all too common for many American exports.

    I would also like to mention that they have sadly ruined what little social/community experiance could be had online since dedicated servers meant that common players would see each other on the same servers daily/weekly and get to know each other that way which cannot be done with IW net.

    Finally the lack of any method available to imediately expell various forms of hackers or trouble makers has meant the game has become largely infested with them at times.

    Modern Warfare 2 is like a great feast seasoned with a spoonful of fail I'm afraid.

    When I play by myself its *ok*, when I play with anywhere from 2 up to 7 friends in my lobby, exactly the same spymtoms as the first poster.

    Noooooooooo... because of Steam, pc map packs won't be free anymore :(

    This timed exclusiveness is fucking shitty. Im sick of the multiplayer maps already, gimme something new.

    Since I changed my NAT type to Open, I've had 360 connections being good to excellent 95% of the time.

    Wow a 30 day exclusive that'll up the 360 sales....damn where is the sarcasm button.

    Ethan Iacobozzi

    which ports did you need to open ? I open my game and usually on the first run it says nat type restricted, close game re-open and it tells me my nat type is "OPEN" ... grr ...

    I have opened everything steam wants and what the interwebs tells me MW2 needs... can you make a list thanks?!?!!


    welcome to my world (and many others worlds)

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