Cameron Calls Firsties In Halo-Avatar Comparisons

James Cameron, the director of James Cameron's Avatar, has a rebuttal for Halo fanboys criticising his film for its resemblance to their favourite game. In a nutshell, Cameron reminds everyone that Halo's borrowing from him, remember?

"The funniest thing is when some of the so-called fanboys get up trashing Avatar for looking too much like Halo," Cameron said yesterday - with a smile and a laugh - during an interview with G4's X-Play. "It's like ... pay attention. If I'm referencing anything, I'm referencing the source work for Halo, which is my own stuff. So I get to do that. Nobody else gets to do that, but I get to do that. My rule, anyway."

The most common motif, of course, is the Aliens look, which Bungie's readily acknowledged as an influence on Halo's look. The natural world themes of Pandora also evoke comparisons to similar environments in Halo. Whether said with a smile or not, Cameron's quite clear he's not ripping off anyone. But Cameron added, in a comment G4 eventually cut from the segment, that he appreciated the fact his work has entered the "cultural zeitgeist" evidenced by Halo's homages to it.

James Cameron Strikes Back At Halo Fans Criticizing Avatar [G4]


    Nobody else gets to do that. Except HR Giger, who actually designed the Aliens distinctive look.

      Giger designd the Alien itself for the first movie, but not only are the Alien creatures very different design-wise from the first to second films, he's talking about a different thing entirely.

      Cameron had the first and last word on all of the designs for the military tech in Aliens. He personally designed each and every weapon and the look and functionality of each vehicle.

      As a side note, Giger had very little input into any of the Alien movies or games beyond the initial design and construction of the suit for the first film. After that, his design was used and credited, but the rights to its likeness are owned by the Fox corporation. He gets no say in how they are used unless Fox says he does.

        Giger didn't just design the alien, he designed the majority of the alien ship as well. That place was/still is an incredible looking set.

          Much noted, and agreed. I was completely enthralled by Giger's designs of the Alien ship's bridge/cockpit. That scene was just out of this world. Still gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

        Geiger had rights to design the alien, the suit and all alien related byproducts such as the ship, the jockey and the egg for instance as well. There was a massive book put out about it in the early 90s I think it was, my mate at school had it and we used to paw over it all the time. He described how the egg was designed with only 1 slit on it but it looked too much like female genitals lol. So they added a second slit horizontally to make the cross pattern on the top of it we have now for instance. It's a very interesting book if you're an Aliens fan. But you are right indeed, Geiger only designed part 1, which was based off the human body and genitalia fascination that Geiger has. Part 2, Cameron redesigned, took out the skull at the front of the aliens head (it's there, watch the dvd) and blacked it all over, ridged it, making it look insectile, which is a MUCH better look.

        Ultimately though, Halo did rip a hell of a lot off Camerons work. Pelicans for instance people?

          not to mention the UNSC soldiers in Halo are carbon copies of the Marines in aliens.... right down to some of the phrases they use. Apone from aliens is the template for Sgt. Johnson, even halo 1 has a homage to Alien with regards to the missing cat poster on the wall in the first level just outside the bridge of the ship. Missing, cat, answers to the name of "Jonesey". Bungie have admitted that they are huuuuge fans and it was obvious to me when I first played Halo 1, being an dyed-in-the-wool Alien, Aliens fan. Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection aren't worth mentioning sorry.

        But aren't his military designs pretty much ripped straight from Starship Troopers (the book)? Not that it really matters, they're so right that it'd be wrong to use anything else.

        I wouldn't accuse him of ripping off Halo but I would say it seems pretty generic for a sci-fi alien forest world type deal (which is probably why it resembles Halo so much).

        Yeah, Giger also designed the Jockey, the ship that the Jockey piloted and the face hugger eggs (though not the huggers themselves). But these (except for the eggs)not only didn't appear in Aliens (The James Cameron Sci-fi sequel as opposed to the Ridley Scott horror original), they were barely mentioned, nor do they have any similarity to Halo.

        The gripe was that Cameron copied Halo, which is false. The argument made here was that Giger should get the credit, which is also false. Giger had nothing to do with Aliens, save for the original designs he made whilst high as a kite on opium. All of the designs in Halo which were inspired by the Alien series came from the second movie or expanded universe, which was kickstarted by Cameron.

    They're not really talking about the alien design anyway, they're talking about what can probably be most easily summed up as 'vietnam war soldiers in space'. Which is that shade of green they use, the gruff no nonsense (usually African-American) sergeant, combat rifles that don't seem any more advanced then stuff we have today set several centurys in the future... etc etc that sort of thing.

    'Aliens' (the 1985..86 maybe? sequal to Alien) is of course the best example of this style and obviously the greatest influence on the Halo marines themselves.

    Giger's alien, cool as it is really has no influence I can see in Avatar.

      What he said.

      Except "best example" should probably "best and original example". It was the first time the "Starship Troopers" aesthetic had realy been used to any degree of competence in film.

    There's no way Halo didn't rip off the Pelican from 'Aliens' Marine drop ship and a shouting black man with a cigar.

    How did Cameron respond to the claims about ripping off Dances with Wolves and Pocahontas?

    Halo did not invent FPS nor did it invent Sci-fi. Try telling that to a Halo fanboy, and you'd be better off just agreeing with him to save your time.

      You are either dyslectic or really stupid, oh thats the same. Read the article again and you will realize nothing was mentioned that Halo was the first FPS created and that Bungie never made Sci-Fi.

      Bungie have acknowledged the fact that Aliens played a role in influencing Halo itself. Halo fanboys are going round saying how Avatar looks like it - something i don't see and i'm a Halo fan.

      The King is just saying - he didn't rip Halo off. Enough said.
      Same with your other comment under the lame alias, "who am iiiiii"

    The similarities between Halo and Aliens (the second) should be obvious to anyone who's so much as seen the film and played the game... it's so obviously an influence to Halo, so much so that you could even consider the troops and some of the environments (mostly in the first game) like an homage, or nod to Aliens.

    These are the types of people who give Halo fans a bad name... the thing is, the blind Halo haters and the blind Halo fanboys are equally as deluded... they never give Halo credit for what it *actually* did for gaming, and they just end up going off on insane tangents like this... (and yes Halo did a lot design wise, but I'm not going to go into it here)

    Ridley Scott > James Cameron

      Listen to this man.

      Alien is still one of the best movies ever made. Aliens was a cool movie about dudes shooting bugs.

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