Canabalt Gets Mini-Soundtracked, Ringtoned

Stylish indie platformer Canabalt, which we loved as a Flash game and as an iPhone app, is now lovable in another form - a mini soundtrack.

If having access to the game via your iPhone or iPod Touch wasn't enough, you can now purchase Daniel Baranowsky's soundtrack to the excellent one-button platformer for constant listening. You can also make various Canabalt themes your ringtone, to out-annoy your fellow iPhone owning peers.

You can name your price, as long as that price is $US3 or more for the entire soundtrack (of somewhat questionable value, considering the $US2.99 USD asking price for the full game). But, hey, if you really really love Canabalt more than three measly bucks, you know where to go.

Canabalt Soundtrack + Ringtones Pack (w/ bonus Fathom Megamix!) [Bandcamp via Nobuooo/Gametunes]


    Honestly, I can't imagine the kind of person that would listen to this for leisure.

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