Capcom (Try To) Back Away From Anti-Wii Comments

Only a few days after Capcom France's boss Antoine Seux made some decidedly anti-Wii comments to French website Gamekult, Capcom Europe's had to scramble their public relations fighters in an attempt to make nice with the world's top hardware manufacturer.

A small, delicate statement issued by Capcom in the wake of Seux's comments reads:

Further to comments made in a recent article on French website Gamekult, Capcom would like to confirm its commitment as a multi-platform developer and publisher of interactive software.

Kind regards

Capcom's European PR Team

And that's it! Short, to the point. Curt, even. Antoine Seux, you have been officially rapped over the knuckles for being a silly sausage. Next time, exne on the wiisucksne when you're talking with the video games press.

(Though, you'll note they don't fall over themselves saying he was wrong...)


    Lip service apology to Nintendo, IMHO. I, personally, appreciate Antoine's honesty... and straight up opinion on the Wii.

    And do they plan to apologise to the PC community for not mentionining them at all?

    he was right ive got a wii ... never use it

    I think it was sour grapes because their light gun game wasnt going very well... He compared it to RE4 selling better... But lets face it, RE4 is a game that lasts a lot longer then 4 hours. Light gun games are tough to sell... 4 hours for $90, or i could rent it.

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