Capcom's France Boss: "The Future Is On PS3 And 360"

Capcom's director general for France sounds very pessimistic about development for the Wii, feeling that its user base has "radically changed" into something that is no longer interested in core games such as the poor-selling Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

"The customer of [the Wii]has turned into something [of a]much broader audience. It is a disappointment," says Seux (pictured) in an interview translated from French via Google Translate. Seux, speaking to the blog Gamekult, also calls developing for the Wii "difficult" and goes on to say "for us, Capcom, the future is the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360."

It's likely we're hearing Seux's offhand opinion of the future, not official Capcom messaging here. Still, the words, coming from such a stalwart brand on Nintendo's platforms, are eyebrow raising.

It's clear Seux is frustrated. He points out sales of just 16,000 for Darkside Chronicles in the first three weeks of its release, compared to 140,000 for Resident Evil 4 on the Wii at release in in 2007. Seux's explanation for the disparity: the market has moved on.

One feels that there is a problem very clear on this style of game on the Wii, where gamers have obviously moved on. Resident Evil 4 on Wii worked well, but [it was released]when the market had nothing!

While Seux says the Wii is "still an important part of sales," he calls it "very much a family [console]with low attachment rates."

"This is the year of the emergence of so-called 'new console generation'," Seux concludes. "So for us, Capcom, the future is the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360." Capcom: Less Wii After Darkside Chronicles Sells Only 16k [Spong]


    Its because most people had already played resident evil 4, and also because the resident evil rail shooters arent very good.

    Is it only me despressed that he didn't even think to mention the PC?

      Not only you.

    I have to agree, If the market just isn’t there for the Wii then perhaps it’s time to move onto other things. Either jump on the Wii family bandwagon or just stop trying, it’s obvious the vast majority of Wii owners have no interest in mature titles. Also I don’t think the Argument of “But these games aren’t selling because they suck” applies, Dead space was good, House of the dead was good, a lot of Mature games have been good, but I don’t think a single one has met sales expectations. It really is that the Wii just has no place for them.

    That’s the price that Nintendo has had to pay with the Wii’s Success, a lot of developers have been scared away by the fact that they can either stay true to their creative ideas and make a game that doesn’t sell at all, or make a game for the sake of bringing in the big bucks.

      But seriously Andrew - how many of these "games for the sake of bringing in the big bucks" actually make money?

      Carnival Games sold huge amounts, but it was usually part of an unofficial bundle. Big Beach Sports is another, but looking at the Wii charts is ALWAYS the same games time and time again that are there. Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Wii Play, Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy and now New SMB Wii - then there is stuff like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and a Call of Duty game and there is your standard Wii Top 10 chart every week.

      Not too much shovelware sells - look at Sega's flop of Let's Tap, Nintendo's own Wii Music and Ubi's Petz range all sell rubbish, and in theory these are games that should have sold well.

      Lets all be honest - the Wii is a glorified bowling machine. Over the Christmas break that was all I used the Wii for - a few games of Wii Sports bowling with my family, then I jumped straight onto the PS3 to play Ratchet and Clank and God of War collection.

        That’s exactly, my point, we are seeing less and less third party games being developed for the console. Comparing those titles you mentioned to the likes of HOTD and Dead space, those titles are considered to have poor sales on the Wii, but they still did a hell of a lot better than the mature games. My comment of bringing in the big bucks refers to the idea that a family game either bad or good will make more money on the Wii than one that was perhaps made without the Wii’s spin on things. So I’m not comparing all third party games to the likes of Wii Fit or Sports Resort, I’m comparing it to the likes of literally any mature game that has ever come out on the Wii.

    The trend of mature titles succeeding on the Wii are quite obvious and very, very clear!

    I guess they have only themselves to blame... They, and this French Fry dude, should have seen this coming - after all, they are in the gaming industry, nes pa?

    lets face it, light gun games can be rented and completed in one sitting... why would u buy it when its $100? ill buy it when its cheap

      Light gun games are designed for repeat plays to unlock everything and best your previous high score. You don't just finish the "story" and you're done. That's missing the point.

    Capcom's been rather lackadaisical in relation to fans of their games who own Nintendo consoles since the days of the SNES anyway. Their work on Resident Evil games on Gamecube and GBA Zelda not withstanding, there's nothing that Capcom did while Nintendo was getting trounced to help matters. Now, the pendulum has swung.

    Darkside Chronicles is a lame, lame game. If Capcom pulled their fingers out and made a new RE game for Wii that was 3rd person and half as epic as RE4, it would sell a lot more than 16,000 copies. There are still Wii core gamers out here you silly Frenchman, we just aren't stupid enough to buy light gun games. Release legitimate core games and then make your snooty comments. EA with their Dead Space waste of space is the same story. We don't want these games, BUT WE DO WANT CORE GAMES THAT DON'T STINK. Nintendo is being stooged by these 3rd parties who make stupid comments because their horrible light gun games don't sell. Who the heck would even consider buying RE:DC for $100. It's daylight robbery batman

    Oh, and another thing... if Capcom's future lies on 360 and PS3, how many light gun games will Monsieur Seux release for these platforms.

    Zip, zero, a duck.

    I don't really appreciate Nintendo's seemingly lazy moves with the Wii of late, but these comments make Mario and Co. a scapegoat for lazy game design.

    I wouldn't say the Wii is completely worthless for hardcore gamers... Legacy Gamers/Nintendo fans would benefit greatly from the device.

    However, yes, it is disappointing how several high profile mature Wii games did not go well. Dead Space Extraction was very impressive and it sold poorly. Mad World and House Of The Dead Overkill were similar cases.

    I think Silent Hill Shattered Memories went pretty well though. However its also getting PS2/PSP releases, but its only currently been released on Wii.

    Still its sad that hardcore wii gaming will apparently be a stillborn endeavour.

    For the not-often-enough comments that David posts, he really does make a point and most usually BURN the crap to whoever he is replying.

    It seems with the Wii - something will become really popular and then all these other developers will copy and attempt to create their own version with a twist. So you get the same old similar games over and over.

    I think it will be interesting to see what games will come to light with MS Natal and Sony's motion control. What core games will make the jump etc... and if they will do well.
    That will reveal the big picture as to whether motion control COULD be partially to blame for the lack of success with core games on the Wii.

    THEN again, its not just motion control with the Wii. It's no HD & its online service. We may not be YET in a world where HD is mandatory and all that, but gamers usually take their gaming quite seriously. And with graphics being a big issue, HD would be a great addition for something like the Wii.

    I guess, well in my opinion, most core gamers avoid the Wii unless they are real Nintendo or Mario fans. Hence alot of the under-performing games on the Wii.


    I had one. I loved it for 2 months. Then the novelty of motion control wore off and the good games dried up. For a gamer, its a pariah.

    I bought a Wii early on and I bought Resident Evil 4 at launch. I then realised that the Wii was little more than a kids toy and sold it for a PS3. Let's hope more publishers take this stance.

    My guess for the poor sales is everyone assumed it would be as appalling as Umbrella Chronicles was.

    It seems to be in the same sort of area, that is, an unnumbered RE game for the Wii.

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