Capcom's Natal Title: Will Appeal To Core, Won't Be Launch

Capcom's first sortie with Project Natal will be "a brand focus ... perhaps a brand we haven't seen in a while," according to senior exec Christian Svensson, who was expectedly coy when pressed for specifics.

Speaking to G4 at the Consumer Electronics Show, Svensson, the vice president in charge of strategic planning, expanded on what's already common knowledge, that Capcom is working on a Natal project or projects. "We're gonna make a 'gamers game' for Natal using something amongst our brand history," he said.

OK, so, Resident Evil then, right? After all, Capcom will update that title to support the PlayStation 3's motion control setup. Well, not so much, Svensson said. "We're not looking at Natal as 'okay, here's a little Natal gimmick that we've worked into some existing game," he said.

One thing he did specify: "We're not going to be at launch, just to temper the expectations," Svensson told G4. "We're gonna cook something and it's gonna to take a while to cook."

Kotaku AU Note: Something "we haven't seen in a while"? Final Fight? Strider? Dino Crisis? What's your guess?

Capcom Working on Hardcore Project Natal Game Based on Old Franchise [G4]


    When I think of a "Gamer's Game" I think of Phoenix Wright, though Im praying to the gaming gods for either a new Dino Crisis or they go somewhere with their Clock Tower license and make us see how natal works with horror.

    Hyper Super Street Fighter II Turbo Dash Alpha Natal Edition.

    To do a Hadouken you have to actually move like you're doing a Hadouken. And to do Chun-Li's spinning bird kick you.... uh.......

    I dunno, Mega Man?
    1940 something?

    Well I think they will make something that would work well with the mechanics of the Natal, My guess is a new Onimusha game. The sword swinging mechanics would be pretty easy to imitate with your arms. And it has been a while since the last game. A fighting game I think would be too hard to pull off as your first game.


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