Cave Story Theme As Envisioned By Japanese McDonald's Ads

Cave Story, the freeware action adventure game from indie developer Daisuke Amaya, has a retro sounding soundtrack. It's perfect fodder to be recreated with Ronald McDonald ads.

Actually, that should read "Donald McDonald" as these are Japanese ads, and the character is named "Donald McDonald" and not "Ronald McDonald". A series of Japanese McDonald's ads have been spliced together in order to reproduce the Cave Story theme and give people nightmares.

Welcome to hell. Ronald McDonald hell, er, Donald McDonald hell. Whichever.

This is the Cave Story theme - compare with the McDonald's version. Play them both at the same time to give yourself a headache.

Cave Story will be released on WiiWare in North America this May.

Thanks Nightwheel for the tip!


    This game is so amazing <3

    that Donald McDonald should be deployed in Afganistan....he would make the insurgents loose their will to fight and give them post-traumatic stress disorder.

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