Cerberus Recruits Assassins The Old-Fashioned Way

In Mass Effect 2, Commander Shepard tracks down an elite squad of assassins to join him/her on the most dangerous mission of all. But did you know you could also apply for the job?

Kotaku reader Michael spotted a job ad on Seek, posted yesterday, looking for a Biotic-Powered Super Soldier.

The successful candidate will "have a passion for the mercenary industry and a natural flair for killing."

And their responsibilities include working "closely with the most wretched and dangerous scum of inter-galactic society."

It's not just for anyone though, as "failure will lead to your death and the death of all human beings, so you must work well under pressure."

If you decide to apply, let me know how it goes!

Biotic-Powered Super Soldier [Seek, thanks Michael!]


    It will be interesting to see what happens when someone applies.

    You know what, I might just do it myself.

      Clicking the 'Click Here To Apply' link in the actual ad just leads to the Mass Effect 2 website, so I clicked on Seek's apply button, which allowed me to leave my name, number and email address, with the possibility of adding a resume and cover letter (neither of which I did). So, let's see if Cerberus gets back to me :P

        Still no response from 'Cerberus'. It will be interesting to see if anyone does get a reply, or whether this was just a gimmick.

    Applied, would be a dream job ;)
    Will post any results

    Applied through seek since as Ben said the link at bottom simply leads to ME2 Aus splash page.

    When i applied i attached a cover letter, with me having the balls to ask for "Inferno Armour to help me complete my mission" since i am pre-ordering from EB and getting the Terminus Armour :P

    A nice little advertisement ploy - i wonder if anyone actually applied to this job without knowing that it was marketing ploy :P

    I'll be applying and making up a resume during my break - i wonder if anyone will actually be going through these...

    Creative advertising is awesome. If I was on the fence about buying this game (which I wasn't), this would be enough to get me to shell out.

    Also (and sorry for double posting), the fact that job ads are up ( http://www.news.com.au/business/breaking-news/surge-in-job-ads-as-economy-improves/story-e6frfkur-1225818027499 ) is being taken as a sign of economic recovery...

    I hope no important policies are being developed because of a sudden wave of creative marketing.

    Still, love the ad! :)

    All applied for - did up a quick resume and cover letter too - now to play the waiting game to see if they reply lol


    Seek must have not liked them using their site in that manner as it got taken down...

    OR... perhaps the position was filled.

    haha bugger! I just sent this to the tips email.

    Too slow mo-fo.

    Because it got taken down, here is a screenshot for those who missed it.


    Thanks for the pic, I was afraid I wouldn't get to see it. Pity I can't apply for it though =(

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