Chinatown Wars Spread To The IPhone

As is the way with most iPhone releases, Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars has been set loose upon the App Store with absolutely zero warning or pre-emptive fanfare.

One moment, we're busy getting on with our weekends, the next, we simply receive word that it's out. Early reports say that the game is as faithful a reproduction of the DS/PSP game as you could expect on Apple's handheld, with even the DS version's touch-screen minigames making the jump to the iPhone/iPod Touch version.

The game controls like most other iPhone ports - there's a fake thumbstick and buttons arrayed on the touch screen - and you can check out a video above to see how it runs.

'Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars' Out in U.S. Too – First Impressions and Video [Touch Arcade]


    Read about it earlier at work, subsequently bought it his evening. I haven't played the DS or PSP versions, but I'm enjoying my foray into portable GTAness. I'm astounded by the scale, the visual quality and the sound. Car controls are a little tricky but if you switch it to analog it's at least tolerable.

    Main problem: price. For an app, it's expensive ($12.99) however for what it is - I think it's good value. But I'll reserve full judgement until further into the playthrough.

      $12.99 is an insane price for the game. This is a game that people paid upwards of $30 for on the DS. With better graphics by the look. When will people learn, iPhone games are SEVERELY underpriced for what most of them are. Most dont make their initial investment back because developers underprice their games, and you dont hear anything from them again. But there are so many developers getting on the bandwagon that it doesnt matter. I could go on.

      Anyone who isnt happy to pay less then half price for this game just because it is on the iPhone has something wrong with them.

      Civilisation Revolution is another example of an extraordinary deal.

        Oh definitely, $12.99 for this game is superb. Ball bustingly good value. No doubt about that. I was simply stating that for an app it's expensive. But there's nothing else you can compare it to bar Gameloft's Gangstar. So the more casual iPhone/iPod touch user (and there is a lot out there) would baulk at the price point, simply because it's the app store is built essentially on micro-transactions.

    wow thats quite a big game to go onto a phone. it really shows that the iphone is a gaming handheld aswell. ive played some games on my iphone and they are impressive doom ressurection, f.a.s.t. to name a few.

    WARNING This is not compatible with First Gen Ipod Touch's according to Itunes, Just wasted $12.99

      And that's why I don't buy stuff off the app store anymore.
      So many games bought that run like crap on my 2G.

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