Chinatown Wars Trailer Raises iPhone Wanted Level


    Yeah, I got this a few days ago. I haven't got in to it too much yet as I have been a bit busy. But it looks pretty solid for a phone game! And at less than half the price of the DS/PSP version, why not hey.

    It was bloody good on PSP, really felt like playing GTA3 again which is a fairly good achievement for a handheld device

      How big of a download is it by the way?

        I am at work but just went to the apple store (Free wifi) to DL this, but it seems to be a large DL. Couldnt finish it in 15 mins as I wanted to play it on the way home... tonight!

          it is a 180mb download i think not that big compared to what i was expecting


    wow thats quite impressive to have a popular and up to date handheld game on a phone. lucky i got a 3gs later last year, i wonder if this means more devs will jump on this.

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