Command & Conquer 4 Beta Coming "Very Soon"

For a game in a series with such a long history, and such a passionate fanbase, Command & Conquer 4 has been humming along under most people's radars. Something that should change pretty soon once the beta kicks off.

C&C4's community manager has posted on his Twitter account "C&C 4 beta will be going PUBLIC very soon, every RTS fan in the world can give CNC 4 MP a test-drive".

With the game due out in March, "very soon" really does mean "very soon". Good to hear it's a public beta, too, so everyone (not just those pre-ordering the game) can get in on the action.

[EA_APOC @ Twitter, via GameArena]


    uhhh, what happened to my 'garunteed spot in a future CNC game's beta test' that came with my RA3 collectors edition? It's not much of a collectors edition bonus if it's a public beta -_-. Fuck you EA

      Indeed, it's kind of a worthless reservation isn't it... it's like saying 'Here's some of my super secret cake.........oh and Jesus is over there in the corner handing it out to everyone so it never runs out!'

    Every fan in the world? So on which platforms?

    Closed beta has been running for a little while now, I thought that was for the people who bought RA3 collectors?

    I'm interested in it, but not as much as I'd normally be. I used to be a big C&C fan, as well as RA, but since EA basically killed C&C3 and RA3 (Beta'd both and bought C&C3), I can only hope it is worth buying and will hold me until SC2. I also hope I can actually play online as with C&C3 I couldn't even connect to other players 95% of the time (literally), but plenty of other P2P games I can play fine.

      I pray to *GOD* it has lanning ability like C&C3 did. That'll be a godsend that will ensure it'll be played enmasse between my friends and I that's for sure...

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