Cops: Man Promising To Sell WoW Characters Cheated Gamers

Florida police have accused a 23-year-old Clearwater resident with taking $US760 from at least two people and not providing the World of Warcraft characters he promised in exchange.

The Associated Press reports that, in 2008, Christopher Bouffard allegedly accepted the payments from at least two people but cut off communications with the potential WoW-character-consumers once he received payment. Broussard was arrested on Monday and faced charges with "scheming to defraud and two counts of grand theft," according to the AP. He is being held on bail.

The sale of World of Warcraft characters, while not unheard of, is against the terms of service Activision Blizzard requires gamers to consent to before playing the massively multiplayer online game. Here is the section of the game's End User licence Agreement pertaining to selling one's account:

Blizzard does not recognise the transfer of WoW Accounts or Blizzard Accounts (each an "Account"). You may not purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, or offer to purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, and any such attempt shall be null and void.

I don't play WoW. Can any gamers who do explain what kind of two-character pair might be worth $US760? Man faces fraud charges over video game characters [Associated Press]


    In 2008 they would probably been a discounted level 70 or 60 toons ... I thin the cap in 2008 was only 70. I know a guy an Aussie guy who sold his level 60 to a guy in the US for $1000.00, then the guy in the US gave back the toon, then wanted it back so the Aussie charged him anothr $1000.00 the the guy in the US paid it! I stopped playing 12 months ago ... all that RAIDING for gear at level 70 and then it's irrelevant at expansion ...

    I am an avid WoW fan and play a lvl 80 Dwarf Death Knight. $760 for 2 characters may seem extortionate at best however the time, skill, effort and luck necessary to obtain Epic quality PvE ( player vs. environment ie. questing, dungeons and raids ) gear such as weapons and armor, PvP ( player vs. player ie. battlegrounds and arena tournaments ) gear, progression through the achievement system, rare loot, the level 80 cap, in-game professions ( skinning, mining, engineering ) which have level caps of 450, area ratings, epic land / flying mounts. The list is endless, my point is people put a lot into these things and when it comes time to give WoW a break they want to see a return for their time and effort, or they level a character on a regular basis specifically to make cash in real life like gold farmers do. People will pay these amounts and more, but for what purpose ? Where is the fun in having an already accomplished character delivered on a silver platter, isn't that the point of any game to do it yourself and admire your efforts. You can make more with a job in proportion to time taken to make a character worth $760, and chances are you won't end up in jail. Sorry for being long winded.

    If the characters are either in epic PVE or PVP gear then they might be worth it. to some.
    getting a fresh 80 ready for the Icecrown citadel only requires a lot of heroic dungion farming to buy the tier 9 gear and some of the emblem of Frost gear. this can be done in a few weeks. some people may not want to invest that time to get all the badges required.
    PVP gear requires a lot of battlegrounds and arena matches to get all the good stuff so if someone wants a competitive character they may purchase one already there.

    i suppose it amounts to do you want to spend 2-3 weeks farming for what you need to spend a couple of hundred real cash you may have because as my grandma always says. you have more dollars than sense.

      You say "More Dollars than Sense", yet if someone was keen on playing WoW and knew the fundamentals, buying a character would be a much wiser move than leveling and gearing one up. You say around 2-3 weeks gearing up (which from experience, is boring) and it isnt 2-3 weeks on and off, its a good chunk of each day. No if a person on a normal, even bad wage worked 2-3 weeks they could easily make a minimum of $1500, and could pay half that for 2 level 80s, probably with a decent amount of gear... Seems like this person has more sense than the one leveling up.. Especially considering when the expansion roles around they havent wasted nearly as much time getting now useless gear.

        Also, more on topic, back in 2008, fully geared characters were much harder to obtain due to raiding requirements etc. As far as i remember this was before they simplified Wow and made it more Casual player friendly

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