Courtney Love Now Says Cobain Would've Been Cool With Guitar Hero 5

Professional widow Courtney Love, PO'd at Activision for how Kurt Cobain of Nirvana is presented in Guitar Hero 5, says Cobain probably would have found his game appearance amusing. But since he's dead she gets to do all the suin'.

Telling the UK's NME magazine, Love characteristically spewed filth-flarn-flarn-filth when passing along this update.

What pisses me off the most about it is I think Kurt would be fine with having five Kurt Cobains singing the (Spice Girls) song Wannabe, like, 'Tell me what you want, what you really really want.' ... I think he'd find that really funny.

But at the same time it's gross what they did. Gwen [Stefani, suing Activsion for how No Doubt appears in Band Hero]started the lawsuit. I have really good lawyers now and will join that lawsuit. There was this grey area and they fucked the lot of us. They didn't fuck Jack White, but they fucked Gwen, fucked Johnny Cash and fucked Kurt ... It's just gross. This is the rock 'n' roll business, this is what people do. They are sleazy; they do sleazy things.

I'm not sure this kind of comment harms her case but it probably doesn't buy her sympathy points. Her lawyer probably should tell her to just STFU about Guitar Hero for the time being, but I doubt that advice would be followed.

Love: Cobain Would Have Enjoyed Guitar Hero [Contact Music, thanks mr_raccoon]


    Although, if that advice WERE followed, it would no doubt be better for the genral "all".

    I agree with both her points. Activision seems to have been less than upfront about the fine print (although if she'd had a decent lawyer who understood video games, she should have seen it). And Kurt probably would have found it funny. And before everyone makes the point, yes, she should have RTFM (well, RTF contract).

    She is a crazy nut. But she has a point here. Kurt should never be able to sing those songs, without permission. She is still a crazy bitch though.

    Kurt Cobain is dead, wrapped in plastic...that crazy biatch has been exploiting him for years...

    She sure does like to beat a dead horse.. hes not a pinata Love.

    she needs to STFU about everything, not just Guitar Hero

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