Crysis 2 Welcomes You To A New Jungle: New York City

Crysis 2 Welcomes You To A New Jungle: New York City

Crytek’s sequel to the tropical island set first-person shooter Crysis has a new Nanosuit, new platforms on which to play it, and an all new urban setting, New York City, according to the latest issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine.

Crysis 2 takes players to a new urban jungle in the sequel, bound for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, where aliens are apparently invading and faces need blasting. You’ll have to pick up the newest issue of the print publication to learn more, but you can gawk at its cover as of right now.


  • Why is it now going to be on PS3 and 360? Unless their coding skills have increased and they can now some how create better than Crysis graphics on the 360 and PS3, which the couldn’t do for the first game…. Does this mean thats going to be a step back in graphics (for the consoles only hopefully) or that they have figured a better way to utilise the consoles?

  • So no Koreans to grab by the throat this time?

    In all seriousness I might sit this one out. Crytek clearly never learn that the best thing about their games are the humans you fight before the trigens/aliens whatever they are.

    I wonder how Far Cry 3 is coming along?

    • No, but by the sounds of the setting, there’ll be plenty of coffee sipping citizens to grab about the neck ;p

      One of the pluses for me in the FarCry series was the island settings with the lushness of the jungles. I wonder how they’ll recreate the same wow factor again in an urban setting. I hope it’s not Fallout-like in terms of just making it a wasteland and not being heavily popluated.

  • I dont see how this is going to walk, the Nano suit jumped high but not high enough to be like prototype or anything. So your just fighting the aliens in NYC? This sounds horrible. I only liked the first game for going around the island using my tactics to take out Koreans. I hated the last bit.

  • crytek have moved it over to the PS3 and Xbox, just for the fact of piracy, they made a statement about it some time back when they saw the figures of how great the numbers were.

    Plus the other factor was the fact that Crysis didnt sell well because of how badly optimised it was against the then current gaming PCs, you needed a realy beast to get it to run smoothly. But then again Crysis, along with the Orginial FarCry were also just glorified Tech demos to showcase their graphical power ( which was fucking damn awesome, but the story and gameplay lacked something fierce)

    • That is definitely true, though in this case I won’t actually blame the pirates, but Crytek themselves. During it’s release, we had little idea how all of our hardware will fare with it, and with it being the hardest game to run of that time period (and still is in a way), most of the hardcore audience didn’t want to chance it and went for the free option.

      If they convince the PC public that the next crysis will run well with good detail whilst avoiding expensive upgrades, they will have a better shot at minimizing piracy, as people will pay for quality even if the pirated version is in front of them. Most of the time anyway hehehe.

  • New York?

    I hope that’s like one level or something… no we’ve never been to New York in a video game before… What happened to those tech demos of the tropical island, and the pine forest, etc? Crysis/Far Cry have always been about the natural settings, that was their appeal… I really hope it’s just one level.

  • Guys seriously just because Crysis 2 may be set in New York does not mean the whole game is. I’m willing to bet the house that at least 2-3 missions would be on the island.

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