Dante's Inferno: The Official Novelisation Of The Book

One title not highlighted by EA CEO John Riccitiello today was the release of Dante Alighieri's Inferno, part of The Divine Comedy. Yes, that's the book, soon to be republished bearing the Dante's Inferno video game's likeness.

Random House and EA have buddied up to release of paperback edition of the epic poem upon which the God of War-esque hack and slash adventure Dante's Inferno draws upon for inspiration. It's the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow translation, if that convinces you to pick up a copy.

But it's likely the other bonuses, including an introduction from Dante's executive producer Jonathan Knight and "a 16-page, full-colour art insert showcasing the evolution of characters and environments from the classic poem to the video game" that will spur gamer's interest to read.

The book, the Dante's Inferno version, will hit bookstore shelves on January 19. The game hits retailers a few weeks later, so spoilers will abound. Of course, the Divine Comedy has been around for about 700 years now, so the statute of limitations on spoiler warnings may be up.


    I've been meaning to read the Divine Comedy for a while now (and others, such as Paradise Lost), but the 'game' edition seems like a desecration of literature to me. Seems like EA are trying to cash in on the game ties. If I purchase the Divine Comedy, it wil certainly NOT be this edition.

    Why not just a directors commentary where they point out the parts where they stayed true to the source? Probably be quick to record at least...

    Also, bit of a mangled sentence here "the epic poem upon which the God of War-esque hack and slash adventure Dante’s Inferno draws upon for inspiration"

    Shouldn't it be something like "draws it's inspiration"?

    The Divine Comedy and Paradise Lost are both fantastic, if challenging reads. What I've seen of this game so far makes me want cry with shame for Dante.

    I say boycott this awful shit and spend the cash on a nice edition of the book, in fact for what this game is going to cost get a copy of Paradise Lost and a William Blake anthology while you're at it.

    Mangling a beloved classic and slapping a video game cover on it is definitely NOT a good move. It's like when they released Da Vinci Code with Tom Hanks' face plastered on it, a big NO NO.

    They should just maybe have snippets of the original poem where they draw specific inspiration and then show the end result of it as opposed to rebranding 'Inferno' with the EA tag.

    If I was a literature professor I'd send them a C&D immediately >:(

    Absolutely stupid thing to do. It's not enough they screw with a very original and clever text but to bring it down to such a low level is just...wrong. it feels like they're destroying something of great beauty. What's next? A 'new interpretation' of crime and punishment with Bruce Willis on the cover? kill me

    Finger's crossed this is all a big joke, and Dante refers to the lead from Devil May Cry...

    EA's Dante's Inferno: The Official Book of the Game.

    Is it coming out in comic form?? I only like books if they have lots of pictures.

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