Dark Void's CES Trailer

This is a new trailer for Capcom's Dark Void. You know, for all its allusions to The Rocketeer, I've never really noticed how much it looks a lot more like Mass Effect. If Shepard used Super Soakers.


    WOW!....looks crap

    Still questioning myself on whether i should give it a go. And its right about the Mass Effect reference.

    The aimer and the way the gun shoots etc... is reminding me a lot of Brute Force. It seems this was more of a trailer for that gun and it did make it seem quite boring.

    I've kept my eye on this for quite some time and right now, still unsure on it. It's changed a lot.

    That really is one of the worst trailers I've seen.

    DOES HE REALLY ONLY HAVE ONE GUN? ffs this looks shite

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