Darkness Lifts On Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Australian Release Date

Darkness Lifts On Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Australian Release Date

Konami’s reimagining of the original Silent Hill, which was released in North America late last year, has finally been given a firm release date for Australia.

The delay is partly the result of Konami finding a new distributor in this country. They’ve now signed up with Mindscape, who’ll also be looking after the release of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow later in the year.

For now though, the focus is on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, the Wii, PS2 and PSP remake makeover of the first game in the series.

All three versions will hit Australian retail on March 5.


  • Why did they remake this game?, I’ve still got the first game on PS1 and it wasn’t missing anything or lacking anything, infact the game was pretty much the perfect survival horror game. It’s no secret that the Silent hill series has gone down the tubes as of late, but is nothing sacred?. Silent hill is basically the benchmark for atmosphere in games, just leave it be. Rather that recreate the magic Konami once had, why not try to make a game as good as that again?.

      • I’ve heard that they added a whole lot of new stuff, some of it seems really cheap (therapy session?!) some of it seems pretty good. But I’m just against the idea of reimagining or making over games that just don’t need it.

        • This game made me consider buying a Wii, but I figure I just wait for the PS2 reviews, i’ll see if the Wii remote makes this any better

  • Hoping to pick this up on ps2, might be my last purchase of a new game for that system.

    I never played silent hill 1, only 2 and 3. Should I get the original instead or is this an improvement?

    • If you want a better understanding of the events that procured before Silent Hill 3 i would advise grabbing a copy of the original psone game.

      The game canon of the series is written directly in relation to this version of the game, and let’s be honest here ‘Shattered Memories’ isn’t really going to maintain that canon.

      You can find a copy on the US Playstation Network. You will probably have to purchase a US PSN card in order to buy it though.

      I might try out a copy of ‘Shattered Memories’ because of my ‘unnatural’ love of the original Silent Hill Quadrilogy. Fingers crossed the latest iteration can repair my faith in the series.

  • For anyone doubting on this game, its really good. The atomsphere can get really pant-wetting at times. Theres lots of puzzles to be had none of them to hard (though i am stuck at one part). the chase scenes can be fun and exhillerating/terrfying.

    BTW get the Wii version as the Wii controls do add abit of immersion to the experiance. Especialy the whole Wii Remote as your Phone mechanic.

  • I hope the PSP port does the series justice. I’d be interested in checking it out in its portable form.

    It is a little sad the the Wii is getting placed in the PS2, PSP ‘grunt’ power grouping but I guess it isn’t all that surprising.

  • I’m believe that Silent Hill was pulled from the PAL PSNstore due to some sort of Legal Issues. It was there for a week or so though.

    Looking forward to Shattered Memories, though i’m not sure what system to ge it for. Probably wii, since it really seems to have been built for it. though i’ve heard some rather mixed reactions from the fans. Can’t be as bad as Homecoming thouhg.

  • It comes out in Europe during Feburary. If its released Early Feb. there, I’ll import.

    This game will justify my Wii. I loved SH1, 2 and Homecoming, and 0rigins was good too. This game looks like the ultimate mindf**k.

  • The game is a masterpiece. No other game’s story has made me think so much (well, except Bioshock and SH2); seriously, it’s the best Silent Hill since SH2, and probably on par, simply because it did away with the awkward combat yet also retained the sense of hopelessness. Plot-wise, the story is beautifully tragic yet simultaneously more coherent than any other previous Silent Hills (which, I understand, can be either a bad thing or a good thing). Anyway, highest possible recommendation.

  • Coooool. Been trying to find out a release date but no one at EB, JB or Game could tell me.

    I have PS One, 2 x PS2 and just got Wii for christmas for our kids so now my dilema will be whether to buy SHSM for Wii or PS2 – maybe both.

    I bought MGS after playing a demo version that came with PS Magazine and with it came SH Demo and I was sold on the game straight away.

    Now have SH, SH2, SH3, SH4 (The room), SH Origins.

    Still thinking of buying a PS3 and SH Homecoming but that seems a bit excessive.

    My 2nd PS2 was only bought a week ago after the old one died and I discovered that the current PS3s are not backward compatible.

    Anyway, about 5 weeks to go – should be good.

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