Darksiders Banned In The United Arab Emirates?

Darksiders seems to be the flavour of the month so far, its rugged charms leading to good review scores and media opportunities. Just don't tell that to the United Arab Emirates, who have reportedly banned the game.

No reason was given (because it seems no reason is ever given by the authorities), but if this report by Arab news site GamesLatest is correct, the title has been blocked from sale in the UAE, a collection of seven emirates which includes Dubai.

We've reached out to THQ for confirmation on this, and will update if we hear back.

Darksiders gets the Ban Hammer in Emirates [GamesLatest, thanks Tim!]


    Maybe due to its religious contexts?

      Almost certainly, I would imagine.

    Well I read that in the original poem, the Prophet Muhammad is being tortured in the 8th circle of hell for heresy. Not sure if that makes it into the game at all though :/

      Original poem? Are you thinking of Dante's Inferno?

        I do believe so

    Dantes Inferno is banned in Dubai - no suprise

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