Dead Or Alive Paradise, A Trailer Comparison

Dead Or Alive Paradise, A Trailer Comparison

Tecmo is taking a break from Dead or Alive fighting games and releasing another Dead or Alive beach game. You know, girls with impossible curves in impossible swimsuits.

The last Dead or Alive beach game, Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2, was released in late 2006. Like the upcoming DoA: Paradise, the game featured girls on the beach and mini-games.

Paradise is the third console game in the spin-off series, and the first to come to the PSP. The previous two titles were on the Xbox and the Xbox 360 respectively.

The last title, Xtreme 2, was not a very good game. Paradise has only up to go (unless the developers really blow it). Let’s see how the new trailer stacks up against the last two — click here to watch Xtreme and here to watch Xtreme 2.

There is a new theme song and right off the bat, we have breasts, followed by a hardcut to arse. This is what the game about. The previous trailers feigned interest in volleyball and waterskiing. Sure, the girls were wearing skimpy outfits, but they were active! In Paradise, the first ten seconds of the clip is cluttered with five asses.

Then followed by, wait for it, boobs. That’s followed by, yeah.

Where is the volleyball? The jet ski mid-air flipping? The PSP hardware might not be best suited for both breast physics and watersport physics.

But one girl climbs a tree, but does it with her bum sticking out. At around 50 seconds in, there is eating. The clip ends with a canoe. That canoe pretty much sums up this trailer. Dead or Alive: Paradise is to a canoe as Dead or Alive: Xtreme is to a jet ski.

Change is good. What has always made the idea of the Dead or Alive: Xtreme serious fun (the reality of playing these games is another issue altogether) is the playfulness. Yes, the eye candy was obvious, but if you thought the previous title punched players in the head with the sex hard-sell, Paradise is a Steinway piano of T&A following out of a second floor window directly onto the player below. SPLAT!


  • Classy

    The last DOA game I got was part 2, and even though the women were totally over sexualized in that game at least it was a game first. These games are just stupid, why not just cut out the middleman and make an erotic game of these characters, its obviously what they are going for now, so why beat around the bush?. Is this pathetic excuse for a game honestly any more subtle that a flat out erotic game?, I don’t think so.

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