Dead Or Alive Paradise Brings Bikinis Galore To North America

Tecmo Koei is bringing the bikini-collecting, mini-game-playing thrills of Dead or Alive Paradise to North American PSP owners, loosely dating the fighting game spin-off for "Spring 2010".

If you haven't been keeping up, Tecmo's eye candy laden activity collection for the PlayStation Portable is like Dead or Alive without the fighting or Y chromosomes, like Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball without the emphasis on volleyball.

So what does Dead or Alive Paradise add to the series? Well, Tecmo mascot Rio for one, joining the female cast of Dead or Alive on Zack Island for frolicking and flesh-baring fun. It's largely a mini-game compilation featuring gambling, gift giving, photography and even a little bit of beach volleyball.

Expect it hit North American store shelves in March or sometime later in Q2 2010.


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