Death By Cube Ready To Kill Xbox LIVE

One of the bloodiest titles at last year's Tokyo Game Show (if not the bloodiest!) has been dated.

Death by Cube, an Xbox LIVE Arcade game developed by a studio called Premium Agency, is a twin stick shooter that takes place on a minimalist battlefield that looks like graph paper. Graph paper covered in blood, that is.

The game will hit Xbox LIVE Arcade on January 20. There will be blood.

Check out Kotaku's impressions of the game from TGS 2009.


    Hmm, the german version will probably have different coloured blood and the australian will probably either have it edited out or just completely banned...

    The Australian classification board has an issue with blood and guts if it involves "humans" being killed. They unbanned AvP because they found the gore necessary to the universe that it is set and that universe is already and has been a bloody one for decades. It isn't just a case of "wow blood, BAN". Although they are pretty inconsistent and lame...

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