Debris Rains Down Over Bad Company 2's Squad Rush

The action is fast and furious in this trailer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2's four-on-four Squad Rush multiplayer mode, but I can't take my eyes off the crumbling scenery.

So enthralled by the crumbling masonry was I that I nearly missed the real news about the Squad Rush mode. It's a four-player per team version of the game's Rush multiplayer mode, built for quick and dirty matches. There are no vehicles, one crate, and two bases, meaning the rounds should be over pretty quickly, especially if I am on your team, as I will spend the entire time blowing up houses.

It's also a GameStop preorder exclusive, at least for 30 days. Well, 30 days in North America. Well, 30 days on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America, as the PC version will come with the mode unlocked.

Utterly ridiculous, isn't it?


    Forgot to add, unless microsoft accidently upload it to XBOX live, free... before the game gets released.

    BF != L4D.

      BF =/ LFD

      game types man. seriously.

    This makes me question then that game mode in Splinter Cell: Conviction then. Obviously going to be a timed exclusive for pre-ordering or buying the Collector's Edition.

    I'm not too interested in balsawood houses. I like damage in games but I don't like how it all just turns to dust in BC2. I understand all the limitations + possibilites better deformation creates but I think Red Faction Guerilla found a better compromise.

    This game is gonna blow Modern Camping 2 clean out of the water.

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