Design A Team Fortress 2 Weapon, See It Appear In The Game

Deciding that all that talent was going to waste on mere "art", Valve are going to put Team Fortress 2's fanbase to work, giving them the chance to craft their own in-game items, weapons and avatars.

It's part of the new "Contribute" site, which will allow TF2 fans to submit their own ideas for things like hats and guns to Valve. Those deemed worthy of inclusion in the game will be, yes, included in the game. For everybody, too, not just the person responsible.

You can submit stuff right now, with a gallery due "soon". And soon can't come soon enough, if any of the recent fan-made class update pages are anything to go by.

[Team Fortress 2]


    there's something called skins.

      Yes, but skins are a client side thing only. Only the person using them can see them, and with many servers settings set to pure so that skin hacks to see invisible spys and such cant be used, they are only used by a small majority of players. Where as this will allow people to design items, get them added into the game for everyone to get(aslong as they are approved) and then see them on other servers with other people using them and knowing that they arn't the only ones who can see them as they are.

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