DICE Says It Won’t Profit Off Rented Servers For BFBC2

DICE Says It Won’t Profit Off Rented Servers For BFBC2

During the Modern Warfare 2 no-dedicated servers controversy, DICE was quick to say they would be supported in PC versions of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Well, with one exception: Players would have to rent them, rather than build their own.

It seems that the files necessary for the PC community to build dedicated servers for this game are being withheld to “”protect the game’s integrity on PC.” Instead, players will be forced to rent the space from a DICE-authorised provider. DICE producer Gordon Van Dyke insists this is not a profiteering move by the studio.

“This does not earn DICE a profit,” Van Dyke told Eurogamer. “But we will see where the game goes and support it post launch.”

Eurogamer notes that this policy is a first for the series; previous entries such as Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 supported community-built dedicated servers. DICE says.

DICE Explains BFBC2 Server Policy [Eurogamer]


  • Game devs are such cheap-asses these days. It’s getting worse. If they can’t make good matchmaking then they aren’t going to give you good servers for free. Profit or non-profit, it is still money.

  • Sure am glad they are protecting the integrity of the online game, because they did such a good job of keeping hackers out of MW2…

    • they say they are ‘protecting integrity of the online game’ but what that really means is, “we don’t want you setting up a cracked server for pirate copies, or independent mods.”

      Just say it like it is guys…

    • and how many of those people say they are not going to buy the game. and then see how many people are just full of sh!t and still buy it.

  • ive noticed that games with such lam ecopy protection… peopl esay they wont buy it, and pirate it instead.

    (modern warfare two what is up.)

  • Don’t know what the big fuss is as this isn’t anything new. You want a dedicated server you need to pay for it.

    This is no way affects the regular gamer.

  • The only thing that worries me about this is that there might not be enough / enough good quality servers for each city here in Australia.

    Other than that, they’re just restricting the way their game is played. Not a great thing, but not a terrible thing.

    • Exactly the thing I was thinking.

      Hopefully we’ll have enough providers set up enough varied servers that we’ll all be able to enjoy. Seeing how varied the BF series can get; infantry-only, low/high player count, etc. A difficult thing to expect, I know, but that’ll really win me over.

      I don’t think that individual cities really need their appropriate servers, however, as long as ping doesnt go over mid one-hundred, then i’m set.

  • So there’s dedicated servers, just not mod servers… and they’re probably only available in some countries.. yeah, those supposed benefits of BFBC2 having ded. servers ain’t looking so hot…

  • Correct me if I’m wrong… but haven’t people always had to rent a dedicated box from an ISP/game network if they wanted that kind of server? I mean sure you could set one up on a box at home… but network latency makes it no better than match making in the sense that your reliant on someone having a decent stable home connection.

    This seems rather irrelevant to me. This game is still going to be awesome and it’s still going to have hosted servers.

    • bf2 had the ability to set up your own server/rules/etc. without renting out permanent space, so essentially you can’t host your own little party in the new game. Shouldn’t really bother anyone really, unless you’ve got 10-20 odd friends you’re desperate to play with and don’t want anyone else getting in……..

  • Our clan has just pulled together to collect funds/donations to buy our own server and a rack in a data centre so we can have our own dedicated public servers to help promote us and our love for a good, fun, fair, non-cheating/hacking game.

    MW2 was devastating for us as we had planned for this to be a big launch platform for the server, then BC2 became our next Oracle of hope….now it looks as if the thousands we’ve saved and earnt are going to go to waste….as is some of our love for the gaming industry….

    Paintball anyone? 😛

  • As long as Internode and Gamearena have servers to play on Im happy. As if the regular Gamer has the money or the need to set up their own server anyway.

  • wow thats lame i cant create a server to play with my friends for free?
    i was gonna buy this game but nevermind now

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