Digital Recording To The PS3 (Again)

Sony Computer Entertainment today brings word that it is now possible to digitally record terrestrial digital broadcasts with a new dedicated peripheral called "torne".

The torne is a terrestrial digital tuner that connects to the PS3 via USB cable. Torne offers players an easy and colourful interface that lists programs. It's possible to look up programs and search the menu by genre or keyword. Using a timer, it's also possible to record in advance, and torne automatically records when the console is on stand-by or even while games/DVDs/Blu-rays are running. Besides recording directly to the PS3's hard drive, the torne can be used to record to an external hard drive as well.

There is a "search search" function for recorded programs. Torne gives viewers internet capabilities, while viewing recording, allowing them to search the internet.

Priced at ¥9,980 ($117), torne will go on sale this March in Japan. The peripheral will also be bundled with the 250GB PlayStation 3 and available for ¥42,800 ($502). A limited quality of these bundles will be available at launch.

This latest product is not to be confused with another Sony product, the much smaller PlayTV, which is Sony Europe's HDTV tuner & recorder. It has been available in Europe since fall 2008.


    Nice to see you point out that a HD tuner/recorder for PS3 already exists in many parts of the world. IGN's report made no mention of PlayTV and came across as quite misleading because of it.

      You almost make it sound like IGN is Seppocentric...

    Maybe someone could clear this up for me, is this the same as a PlayTV or does it just do the exact same things in a different plastic case. I know this sounds vitriolic, but it's a serious question as I just bought a PlayTV.

      This is effectively the same as PlayTV except for its ability to plug a USB drive into it and record directly to that (which is a pretty killer feature admittedly).

      I believe the reason it is different is because the Japanese use a different broadcast television standard whilst Australia uses the DVT-B standard (as does a lot of Europe) so importing one would be a waste of time.

    Yeah, I read that article too Steve. I was sitting here scratching my head for the better part of 30 minutes.

    "the torne can be used to record to an external hard drive as well"

    what the hell is that????? Guess media shifting isn't an issue in Japan then

      Much rather a device that allows you to record externally! Bring this to Aus, methinks.

        for sure.......I'd trade my PlayTv in a second for something that i could record externally with

    I'm waiting on my PlayTV - raincheck cause they had sold out.

    So this is not coming to Australia and if so, not for a while yet. Therefore, PlayTV is probably the best choice.

    I don't see Sony releasing this here if they got PlayTV or anywhere with PlayTV already. Perhaps this is just for Japan instead of PlayTV - but you would think they would release PlayTV but change what they gotta change for the Japanese market.

    this is essentially the same as play tv i have it and u can still put all ur recordings on an external hdd but not directly but still its only cutting out about 30 seconds of ur time

    The thing is, FAT32 external drives (the only type that PS3 recognises,) can only store about 4GB maximum, not enough to hold most hour length shows (if you remove the ads, it can fit them though.)

    You can, though, use your PlayTV with a normal PC, using a hacked driver. It works really well with Windows Media Centre. So if you want to keep a particular show, you can record it using the PC and then put the PlayTV back into your PS3.

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