DJ Hero Goes Mobile

Activision's DJ Hero may have been a failure - and relative to its backing and exposure, yes, it was a failure - but the mega-publisher is sticking with the franchise, beginning with the upcoming DJ Hero Mobile.

We've heard the game will be published by port specialists Glu Mobile, and one artist we know will be appearing will be Tiesto, that guy who everyone thought was going to be in DJ Hero but then really wasn't. Now he really is!

No definite word on platforms, but if you presumed iPhone, Android and regular ol' mobile, you'd probably be getting warmer. Though with its bigger, scratch-friendly screen, the iPad might actually be the best fit...


    I find it amazing that they still haven't made Guitar Hero for iPhone. Not that I care, I've got Tap Tap Revenge 3 and Rock Band. I'm just surprised there's a way of milking it they haven't done. I was expecting to see Guitar Hero for toasters later this year.

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