Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening Trailer


The trailer for the Awakening expansion to Dragon Age: Origins shows off some of the new faces we’ll encounter on our adventures in the new land of Amaranthine, along with the welcome return of a few more familiar ones.

The rumoured expansion became official reality this morning, and now BioWare has posted this trailer along with some additional information at the expansion’s website. The most exciting news for me is the five new companions who’ll fight by your side, as exploring my companion’s backgrounds was almost more exciting than the overall adventure in the main game. That, and the return of a certain jocular Warden who missed out on the tail end of my particular play through is quite welcome indeed. Maybe he’ll bring back my damn Blood Dragon Armor, the arse.


  • I love the fact that the Darkspawn will now have a leader someone who can actually talk to you and you can bargain with, in the original game the only bad guys you could interact with differently was the humans in the game, while the Darkspawn are just like a wave of bad guys that keep on coming. Really looking forward to this, I can make out about 2 of the new characters from this trailer. I think the new Origin story will be a human one, seeing as you can start in the city of Orlais now I’m guessing the new origin story will start there.

  • It’s probably just me, but DA:O just didn’t have the same appeal as the likes of Fallout 3 or Oblivion. Perhaps I was expecting something as engrossing as Baldurs Gate I & II. I think I’ll be giving the expansion a miss and moving straight on to Mass Effect 2 instead…

    • Nah, not just you. I really enjoyed it, but there was something missing about it. I think that I really missed the wide open world of fallout, and the feeling of freedom that even games like mass effect gave you. The world just didn’t seem to gel together quite right because of it. Maybe /that’s/ just me, but I still enjoyed it, for the most part.

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