Dragon Age Retail Expansion Coming In March

Product listings from retailers in New Zealand suggest a full retail expansion for Dragon Age: Origins is heading to the PC in March.

Eurogamer's Czech Republic site has posted an article detailing a new expansion for Dragon Age titled Dragon Age: Awakening. Apparently culled from product listings from unnamed websites in New Zealand, the land of movie extras, the new expansion is said to take place after the events of the original game, with a new character, a new origin story, and upwards of 15 hours of gameplay.

We've been scouring New Zealand's finest gaming websites, but so far have only been able to find a listing for Dragon Age: Awakening at The Game Station, where the PC version is listed at $US69.95 NZD and the Xbox 360 version listing for $US10 NZD more. There is no PlayStation 3 version listed. Eurogamer.cz says the expansion will retail for two-thirds the price of the full title, so that sounds somewhere in the vicinity of right, all things considered.

It's certainly a plausible rumour. BioWare is committed to providing new content for Dragon Age, and a new expansion would sure taste great right about now. We've contacted BioWare for comment, but considering the holidays, we aren't holding our breath.

Odkrytí Dragon Age Procitnutí (Translation Here) [Eurogamer.cz - Thanks L.!]


    I worried because the numbers don’t really add up, that site calls Dragon age a 100 hour game, that’s way too generous, the max you will play is 60 hours, and that’s just a figure I’ve heard I personally have never racked up over 45 hours on a single playthrough. If this site overestimated the games length then how long is this 15 hours really?. Let’s say its 10 hours, %70 of that will be dialogue. This is more bizarre than worrying because Bioware usually pack in the gameplay in their expansions, has anyone played the 2 expansions of Neverwinter nights, they were just as long as the original game itself.

    A new origin story?, does that mean they will introduce a new class of character?. Regardless I’ll wait for official comment from Bioware, let’s find out first if this actually exists then we can worry about the information being good.

      Yep, I'm not too sure about this one either Andrew. As much as I believe they'll be bringing out an expansion, I don't think it will be this soon and this small. Whilst it's possible, I'd like to think Bioware will be releasing something a little more substantial.
      The name sounds good, but if they're giving it a new name (Dragon Age: Awakening), it would imply that it's indeed more than 15 hours of gameplay which could simply be a DLC quest.

        I’m guessing they will include stuff that can’t be counted in terms of hours played like new items and skills and obviously a new character and origin story. But yeah this is way too soon for a full expansion, Dragon age came out in November, and since then Bioware have put out 2 DLC packs (3 if you count the one that was just given a release date a few days ago). It’s safe to assume they will have at least one more by March 2010. The truth is that Awakening is probably going to happen, but i would think at least one year after the game has been on the market.

          "and since then Bioware have put out 2 DLC packs"

          To be fair, 2 of them were'nt ready at launch and they gave away 2 of them for free to everybody who purchased it at launch (Shale and the Blood Dragon Armour) so they didn't feel gipped at the purchase. I know I felt kinda elated to know I got 2 free pieces of DLC! Then when I found out I could get a 5 dollar DLC in the shape of the Wardens keep (Im used to 10 - 15 - 20 dollar XBL dlc) I was happy again. I dont mind paying 5 bucks here and then for intermediate sized chunks if it continues the adventure. As long as its quality. Which it was.

        Yeah, I'm gonna wait for Bioware to comment. Also on PA's comment, March is pretty soon for something we've not heard of as yet. I'm impressed with Bioware on how quickly they've released DLC. Though some players prefer their DLC to be staggered, providing fresh content every month/2 months is a surefire way to keep players coming back, as long as it's good and relatively cheap. That's what Bethesda accomplished with Fallout 3 and Oblivion which kept sales (and pirates) coming in months after release. It's good to see Bioware taking after Bethesda and it's definitely putting them as top RPG devs in my book.

          On my very first play thru, I explored every area, playing on normal, did every single mission that I could find on every board and by the time I'd finished the game, I had racked up 90 hours on the game so I think its a fair call for the 100 hour thing. I think you're just fretting over the number...

    Seems more likely this would be dlc. 70 bucks for a short expansion does not sound right to me. Also March is awfully close for something completely unheard of until now.

    that price has got to be wrong...no expansion to a game since the mid 90s have ever cost the same as a an orignal game. brood wars, beyond the dark portal, all the quake expansions etc etc have always been half the price of the originals.

    but personally i prefer proper expansion packs over these shitty Xbox live DLC bullshit. more content is packed into a boxed expansion pack and costs less than getting shitty DLC that only last for 2 hours and cost 10 bucks a pop.

    If fallout 3 had a proper boxed expansion pack, it would of offered more content than the 5 DLC packs gave. It would of been more polished as well

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