Dragon Age's Ostagar DLC Is Live, But Isn't As Good As This

The delayed Return to Ostagar downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins is now available on Xbox Live, but I'd rather have this imaginary DLC, featuring big head mode, Morrigan slapping and more taint than you can shake a stick at.

YouTube user FergusMacpherson created this fantasy DLC trailer using the editor included with the PC version of Dragon Age, and it's simply brilliant. Mind you, I don't condone the slapping of women, but Morrigan barely counts. She spends a large portion of the game being a complete jerk, and I imagine that many players, male and female alike, were secretly wishing for a slap button.

And if you didn't giggle just a little bit at the continual references to The Taint, then you just aren't human.

Return to Ostagar is now available on Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft points. There's no sign of it on the PlayStation Network currently, but I have high hopes. Sadly, Fergus Macpherson's DLC isn't available anywhere. Thanks to Michael for sharing it.


    I seriously laughed so hard at the “Submit yourself to the taint” part. I think it’s about time Bioware started releasing some of the user created stuff like they promised. I’d gladly download some of the ludicrous stuff that just doesn’t take itself seriously at all.

    he had me at paint your dog then sell it, but the bear selector at the end was the real winner:)


    Haha, bears.

    LOL who saw the vids which line the bottom at the end for adds... Nice vids in the recommended vids there ;) Well Build Road


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